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Four Things To Look For When Considering A Weight Loss Camp For Kids

It wasn’t too long ago that weight loss camps were known as and often called, “fat camps“. However, this “fat camp” phrase is no longer fitting of today’s camps. There are many overweight and obese children worldwide. If you’re worried about your child’s weight or your doctor has determined your child is obese/overweight, you may want to look into any of weight loss camps for kids. It may be the best thing you do for your child.

When you’re looking for a camp to send your child to, make sure it offers four things.

Offer 1 – It Approaches Weight Loss Healthily¬† – While it seems like a no-brainer, you want to ensure that the camp you choose doesn’t follow the “old-school” way of thinking. What you want to see from the camp is that they offer your child lots of healthy food choices, none of which will leave your child hungry. Make sure you know what the menu looks like. It should include lots of lean protein, whole grains, non-fat dairy, fruits and vegetables.

Offer 2 – Emotional Support Not Just Food and Exercise Support – The kids weight loss camp should offer emotional support as another healthy approach to help your child in losing weight. Remember being obese/overweight can be hard on your child’s feelings, self-worth and well-being. The counselors should have the foresight to be sensitive and understanding along with encouraging to all overweight/obese children, not just your child.

Offer 3 – Realistic Goals Should Be Set – Make sure any of the weight loss camps for kids you look into are setting realistic goals for the children to abide by. Weight loss should occur during camp but not too the point that the child is completely thin. Should weight loss occur too fast, chances are the weight will come back and your child may end up weighing more than before he/she went to the camp. Don’t forget that too quick of weight loss is harmful to the body.

Offer 4 – It Offers Fun Exercise-Related Activities – Whenever your child goes to camp, they are going to miss you. Make sure that you have a camp that will include exercising activities that are fun for the kids. Remember how bored you are by exercising; it’s no different for your child. If a child is having fun exercising, they’ll want to continue with the program. With everything they’ll learn at the camp, they can bring home some interesting and fun ideas for your family to do.

Here at Camp Pocono Trails, part of New Image Camps, we provide all four. Read more about our philosophy here.