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camp fitness:

teaching fitness habits

At camp, kids are introduced to a wide range of activities from basketball to volleyball by skilled instructors. So, when a camper leaves Camp Pocono Trails he or she will have the knowledge necessary to continue an active and healthy lifestyle. But mixed with these skills your camper will need motivation, encouragement and a space to play. Here are simple tips to motivate and keep kids and teens active at home.

  1. Spend one hour a day on you. According to Samuel Friedman, fitness director at Camp Pocono Trails, children should be taught to spend one hour per day on them to prioritize their health. That hour should consist of being active and achieving your dreams. Set minor goals such as ‘work out an hour every day’ to achieve their goal of a Healthy lifestyle.
  2. Find something your child likes to do. “You need to find something that they like to do whether it be a sport, a dance class or a Zumba workout. If they enjoy it and its fun for them they will be more likely to continue it,” said Tricia Winfield, associate director at Camp Pocono Trails.
  3. Join them. Children look up to their parents as role models, and when their role models are exercising they want to do the same. Some great activities that the whole family can participate in are 5K races and pick up team sports games.
  4. Teach them. To build something you need the right tools, and to participate in team sports, or most types of physical fitness, you need to know the correct rules and form. Whether you can teach your child yourself or hire a coach to do so, teaching them an initial foundation of skills and team sport rules will have long term benefits.
  5. Pass it On. Have your child teach someone else a sport they like. Teaching someone else will solidify what they have learned and give a feeling of accomplishment. Plus, if their friends like to be active, it’s more likely they will be too!

At Camp Pocono Trails, our motto is “Live the Dream and Pass it on,” Friedman explains. “The way our program is designed is that every child, no matter how long their stay will be introduced to a broad range of activities from exercise classes to football, basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, volleyball, etc. Our ACA accreditation holds up to a higher standard. That means that for each of these sports there will be certified instructors whose goal is to share their passion of the sport and pass it on to the camper. If a child can get into an organized activity or sport, he or she will be on the road to success.”

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