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Philosophy on Fitness

Experience fitness the fun way! The road to fitness doesn’t have to be boring or routine. At Camp Pocono Trails, kids can choose from a variety of activities and sports that add diversity to their exercise routine and weight loss plan. There’s something for all levels, personalities and body types. At Camp Pocono Trails, our main goal is not winning, it’s having all campers participate in an activity that excites them in a stress-free, low-pressure environment. No matter the skill level, our top-of-the-line fitness instructors work with kids through encouragement and positive reinforcement, during which building self-esteem is key. And individualized attention is ensured with a counselor-to-camper ratio that never exceeds 1-4.

At Camp Pocono Trails, we are always adding to our sports and activities schedules to incorporate exciting sports that have the highest impact on your child’s weight loss. Each day there are five scheduled activity periods, one of which is a “free choice” period where the camper can choose what they’d like to do from all the different activity options at the camp. These activities range from traditional sports like basketball and soccer to new trends like Zumba and mixed martial arts (MMA) to exciting zip lines. Regardless of the activity, every kid has the opportunity to grow and build confidence through team or individual activities.

Fitness director Samuel Friedman: Today in society children are inundated with television and video games. Camp Pocono Trails’ philosophy on fitness is first and foremost to “Get the camper up and moving.” Our fitness program is designed to help a broad range of children. It can help the child who have never been active before and introduce them to moving their bodies in a fun and safe environment, to the child who only needs to lose 20 pounds for their fall sport. We accomplish this by offering a variety of fitness activities such as Zumba, Boot Camps, Kickboxing, Water aerobics, Pilates, and 5k running training. These classes are done by certified trainers who have a passion for physical fitness specifically for helping children accomplish their fitness goals. Also offer an option sport specific training for football and Lacrosse, where top of the industry professionals help children either introduce them to football and Lacrosse.

Associate director Tricia Winfield: At camp we try to find at least one physical activity that the child enjoys and will want to continue once they go back home. We give them a taste of all sorts of workouts – Zumba, boot camps, water aerobics, numerous sports such as tennis, football, soccer, softball, volleyball, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, zip lines, etc all in a nonthreatening and non competitive environment so they can find something they enjoy. In this day and age there is way too much time spent in front of the TV, computer and playing video games. We encourage the campers to go out and do some form of physical activity every day. The best activity for a child to participate in is one that they enjoy so they want to continue.