No other weight loss camp in the world offers as much.

We’re a family run camp, not a corporate chain. This supports everything that makes us unique. On 350 spectacular lakefront acres, our program and facilities set the world-wide standard for weight loss camps. Owners Tony and Dale Sparber are dedicated on-site directors of Camp Pocono Trails. Their presence ensures experienced management, trustworthy hand-picked staff, flexibility, constant improvement, and overall excellence. We don’t share our facility; we’re private, safe and secure. Most weight loss camps are not ACA-accredited. We are. We have a higher standard.

Personal guidance by on-site registered and licensed dietitians.

Our food and nutrition program is managed – hands-on – by competent, respected professionals who specialize in adult and child weight loss. This is in great contrast to corporate-run chains which create a canned formula, implemented by inexperienced college students. Our campers learn that many of their favorite foods can still be part of a healthy, active lifestyle when prepared properly and portioned correctly. Campers are introduced to fresh, delicious whole foods, and special dietary restrictions are accommodated. Each camper will attend nutrition and cooking classes weekly to learn and gain hands-on experience for a continued healthy lifestyle at home. Learn more about our nutrition program.

Having a positive self-image & self-respect is so important.

The internal transformation of our campers is truly remarkable. The joy, the confidence, the glow, the belief that you can go, do, see, and be whoever you want to be is truly the greatest gift. In our lifestyle classes and optional Cognitive Behavior Therapy programs, campers build their self esteem by learning how to make choices that are “in their best interest” for a lifetime. Experienced, respected, seasoned professionals work directly with our campers to encourage positive self esteem and social development in a safe place for learning and growing. Learn more about self esteem.

An approach to fitness that's fun, effective & stress-free.

Achieve the best physical shape of your life. At our summer fitness camp, campers can choose from a variety of activities and sports that add diversity to their exercise routine and weight loss plan. We make exercise fun, exciting and welcoming for all fitness levels. Our awesome sports program encourages all campers to join the fun in a stress-free, low pressure environment. Be active, try new things and build confidence.

Discover your personal best in a non-competitive environment.

Self esteem and healthy thought patterns are integral to feeling good and taking care of yourself. Camp Pocono Trails will help bring out your best and provide the support you need for a complete lifestyle change. Our sports programs focus on camper participation, not winning and losing. Campers receive instruction from first-rate staff, where positive reinforcement is continually at work to encourage campers, whatever their skill level. See our “Before & Afters”.

At Camp Pocono Trails, everyone's invited to the party.

Nobody feels left out at Camp Pocono Trails. You’ll make new friends. Not just casual friends… They’ll quite possibly become the best friends of your life, the kind of friends you’ll always stay in touch with. That’s because you are all here striving for similar goals in a place where you can be who you really are. It’s a very inclusive environment where kids, teens and young adults are supportive and have lots and lots of fun. Will you be traveling from west of the Mississippi River to Camp Pocono Trails? Come, join in the fun! Learn about our free airfare offer!

Our 101 ways to have fun include great trips & special events!

Camp Pocono Trails features expanded activities to allow campers to enjoy off-site trips and special events No other weight loss camp offers such a wide range of programs including amusement parks, water parks, white water rafting, paintball, Carnival Day, camp drama production, Fourth of July fireworks, talent shows, Camp Olympics, Color War!, and Broadway Shows! We even have an end of summer mall trip to get the new you ready for back to school! See our 101 ways to have fun!

There's no sweeter scene than when parents come to visit

Campers & parents love Camp Pocono Trails. Campers (ages 7 to 17), young adults (ages 18-25), and moms realize their goals on 350 private acres, nestled on our own spectacular lakefront, while enjoying the best activities program… bar none. “One mom to another mom, this is the answer you are looking for. I’m going to try not to cry, but this place means everything…” Campers from all over the world return home from the Poconos in the best physical and emotional shape of their lives. Learn the philosophy of Camp Pocono Trails.

Our Young Adult Weight Loss Program is a huge success

FOR AGES 18 – 25. We are very excited to be able to offer our Young Adults the opportunity to get into the best physical and mental shape of their lives! Our Young Adults pursue their goals completely separated from the children’s camp. It’s a great time and place to prepare and launch forward, whether it be to college or work life. You’ll have fun and bond with new friends who are all here for common goals in this supportive, structured yet flexible, environment. Achieve significant results.