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OUR philosophy:

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Would you prefer a program that:

  • treats you like a regular kid at camp or like a student in school?
  • rooms you with kids your own age or places you in situations with campers younger or older than you?
  • has a private facility devoted 100% to the camp or one that’s hosted on a college campus which houses multiple programs at the same time?
  • treats you like a unique individual or thinks of you as a statistic?
  • encourages you to make life-long friends while learning to keep a healthier lifestyle or uses scientific studies to determine weight loss goals in a clinical environment?

We are a REAL camp, not a school. Be careful when you visit other weight loss camp websites. When you visit other websites, consider these important questions:

Are the photos misleading? Ask about the images you see. Many times the images you see on other weight loss camp websites do not depict the facility, but rather off-campus trips. All of the photos you see on our website are at our actual 350 private acre summer camp, nestled in our own private lakefront, where children realize their goals and enjoy the best activities program… bar none. We foster healthy lifestyle changes through fun in the most incredible summer camp setting you can imagine!

What about friendships? With about 30 kids in a given age group, your child will form healthy, age-appropriate friendships. With roughly a 4 to 1 counselor to camper ratio, each child gets the individualized attention they need. We have separate facilities for boys and girls, and are the ONLY weight loss camp with onsite lakefront water sports and two swimming pools, one for the boys, one for the girls.

Is it ACA accredited? ACA accreditation assures parents that the camp has had a regular, independent safety audit that goes beyond regulations in most states.