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CAMPER transformations:

it can happen to you

Our one-of-a-kind camp experience was created to do four incredibly important things: Inspire you to get the most out of life by living healthier in every way, give you the powerful “take-home tools” you need to do that every day, make new friends, and have fun. Perhaps the most fun you’ve ever had. Judging by the enthusiastic response of our campers, their families and the press, it’s a spectacular success.

As a child, I fought my own battle with weight. My wife, Dale, and I have dedicated our lives to helping others with this life-threatening problem. We opened our first camp in 1991. Today we have two locations: Camp Pocono Trails (PA) and Camp Vanguard (FL).

Our ACA accredited camps offer an amazing selection of over 100 activities — everything from waterskiing to a climbing wall, yoga to aerobics, golf to tennis, cooking classes, nutritional instruction and great workouts guided by inspiring instructors. All in a traditional camp setting designed for fun.

Our sports programs focus on camper participation, not winning and losing. Campers receive athletic instruction from a first-rate staff, where positive reinforcement is continually at work to encourage kids, whatever their skill level. Building self-esteem is key. The environment is always non-threatening and stress-free. Our counselor-to-camper ratio never exceeds 1-4.

Add an extensive list of special events and off camp excursions to places like famed amusement parks and Broadway shows and you have a summer experience unlike any other. No wonder our camps attract campers from all over the world!

Please join us this summer. You’ll learn to relax more completely, eat more sensibly, exercise more joyously and greatly improve your sports and living skills. All together, you’ll discover it’s a totally enjoyable path to losing weight and gaining self-esteem. You’ll be surprised by what you can do, and how much fun you’ll have doing it.

We are very proud of these extraordinary camps, and especially proud of our terrific campers.

Tony Sparber