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CAMPER transformations:


A year ago I never thought I would be where I am today. Ever since I was a kid I could see that I was different from all the other kids. 2012 was the year of new beginnings for me and at that point I realized my life had to change. My parents told me about the weight loss camp and I wanted to know more about it. Shortly after that it was decided that I would be going to camp for 8 weeks during the summer. The day finally came for me to leave and begin the long journey ahead of me. Its was hard to leave my friends and family for the whole summer but I knew that I couldn’t do this by myself. I landed in New Jersey and I got on the bus to go to Camp. From the second I got there I knew this was the place for me. After staying there for 2 weeks all I wanted to do was give up and go home. When everyone at the camp told me that if I stayed I would not regret it. I decided to stay and started working even harder then I had been my entire life. 8 weeks later my time at camp was done and I went from 302 to 260.5 at the end of that summer. I knew it was going to be hard to do it at home but I knew I could do it. My totally weight loss is now at 70 pounds. It was a big mental and physical change I made and I am glad I did it. Now only 14 days until I go back to camp. CAN’T WAIT!

Becky L

I have not talked to you this year and I wanted to email you so I could give you an update about what is going on. This has been a great year for me. I am down 65 pounds from my heaviest but I am still working towards my goal weight. In the fall, I was on the cross country team at school and during the winter, I was on the basketball team. Basketball season just ended so now I am doing track and field and I am also doing basketball off season. My parents told me for the first time that if there was something else I wanted to do this summer then that was fine and I didn’t have to go to camp. However, for the first time ever I told my parents there is nothing else I would rather do with my summer than spend it at camp. I just want to know what day camp starts. Also, when is motivational mania because I want to be a speaker because I have wanted to be one since my first summer. Please let me know when camp starts etc. Thanks!!

Arielle W.

I have thought about Pocono Trails almost every day since Cameron has been home and what an impact 4 weeks had on his life.

He arrived at camp a lineman… pigeon-holed by his youth football coaches because of his weight. When he came home, he “lost” his starting lineman/center role because of his new size.

He played linebacker all season and adjusted well. His endurance was much improved. He was happy… and fit.

We registered for a lacrosse clinic at Wesleyan in the fall. This served as a tryout for the fall CT Cardinals lacrosse club. We received a great email at the end of the clinic asking him to join the 2019 squad (playing a year up). Amazing! This was beyond anything we could have imagined. He has now been playing with the Cardinals for several months and just secured a spot with them to play on their summer tournament team.

He gained so much self-confidence and his self esteem skyrocketed after the time he spent with you. Thank you so much!

Nancy P.

I wanted to send you a letter of THANK YOU! My daughter Ashley Smith attended your 6 week program at Camp Pocono, she lost 25.2 lbs. We just picked her up on August 6, 2011. We were so amazed on how she looked. She looked and felt fantastic, she had a glow that we had not seen in a long time.It was Ashley who researched your camp, I will never forget how she sat down with us and said “Mom, Dad, I would like to attend this camp. We were at our wits end, knowing that Ashley’s self esteem was so low and how worried we were about her entering her Senior year in high school, we knew she need a change. We agreed sending her to your camp with no hesitation.It was amazing when we picked her up on August 6th and took her to lunch at Friendly’s. She looked over the menu very carefully, what amazed us the most was when the waitress came to our table for our order and Ashley inquired how many ounces of chicken was in the grilled chicken salad. She quickly advised us that she could only consume 4 oz. We then knew that Ashley had adjusted her eating habits. She did not even finish her entire salad. I knew then that I would have to purchase a food weight machine. Which we did.While Ashley was at camp we cleaned out all our food cabinets, our refrigerator and freezer of all sin foods, in the six weeks we changed our way of eating at home so that we could make Ashley’s transition easier.Our first meal at home consisted of fish, veg, brown rice. Ashley measured her food out with accuracy. It was so great to see her take charge of her eating. Before Ashley would have doubles, not anymore.I want to THANK YOU and your GREAT STAFF for helping my daughter get that beautiful smile back that we all enjoy. She was so happy with her results when she was measured and weighed for the last time at camp. She has joined the gym here in town, we are signing up for Zumba on Tuesday. This is what your camp has done for our daughter, but most the most important is that her self esteem is back full force.If I had to do it again we would with no hesitation, if I knew of anyone else who was struggling with the pain and frustration we did, I would recommend them to your camp in a heart beat. THANK YOU for giving our daughter the most fantastic way to regain her happiness and make new friends.

Mrs. & Mr. S.

It is a little over four weeks ago that we picked up our son from Camp Vanguard and we still cannot get over the change that his stay there has brought about. Nick lost 36 pounds (almost 15% of his starting weight) and since his return, he has barely gained any weight. Considering that we were still on vacation in Florida for the first two weeks after camp, that is quite an accomplishment.

We would like to express our thanks to Max and her team for making this summer camp one of the best vacations Nick has ever had. He has made new friends, has a more positive outlook on life and has gained self confidence. He found the whole experience fantastic. The first couple of days after camp were hard for him as he had to leave behind his friends and counselors, but now that school has begun, he has adjusted to school life again.

Max pointed out to us that she would like to see him back next year as a junior counselor. Nick himself is already looking forward to going back. This afternoon I spoke to someone at your office and made a deposit for his stay next summer.

Once again, many thanks, especially for Max and her team, also on behalf of Nick.

Mrs. & Mr. V.

Thank you so much for changing my life. I have lost over 100 pounds to this date. I couldn’t have done it without your help. Hope to see you this upcoming summer.

Morgan J.

I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing summer this year. Going into college I was nervous about gaining my weight back, but I have actually lost ten more pound since being away at Indiana University. I just wanted to include a before and after picture to show you my hard work and to thank you, because without your camp and help, I would never be where I am today, physically and mentally.


Just wanted to tell you and all your staff thank you so much for bringing back our son. He is so excited about the new man he has turned into. Since the beginning of camp, Austin has lost a total of 41 pounds. He went from a size 3XL shirt to a XL. We went school shopping yesterday and he had a ball picking out new clothes. His self esteem is back and what a difference that makes. My son’s wedding was 2 weeks ago and Austin was out on the dance floor in the middle of everyone, dancing and having fun, no one could believe how positive and confident he was. Your camp has been the best thing I could have ever imagined for him. Those five weeks made such an impression on him on how to eat and what to eat, it is truly amazing. Thank you again for all that you have done for him, and helping us also through the entire process. The opportunity that you gave him for the extra 3 weeks was such a wonderful thing. He is excited to come back next year again.

Sue and Chris R.

Just wanted to say thanks for your great program at Camp Pocono Trails. Michelle lost 12 lbs over the summer and she lost one or two more since she’s been home. We were always diligent at home between the exercise and eating right, but camp is what gave her more motivation since she saw results! (And hearing the tips from someone other than “Mom” makes it better also!!). Today she got a new haircut and the braces off her teeth so she can’t wait to get back to school to show off her new self!! Thanks again…

Annette R.