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camp nutrition:

teaching nutrition

Every Friday Camp Pocono Trails serves a traditional BBQ to its campers. The meat is lean or turkey or veggie, the sides are baked beans and corn (no chips or fries here), the dessert is watermelon and portion size is taken into consideration. This is how nutrition is taught at camp, by example and through multiple classes.

“The biggest thing we try to teach them and encompass is you can still feel full and healthy, and it can still taste good and we teach campers how to feel that and take that knowledge and go home,” said Nicole Silensky of Camp Pocono Trails.

CPT hosts kids and teens that have been coming to camp for years and some who have never eaten a vegetable, and nutrition education is made for both. Highly qualified instructors will teach your kids and teens about nutrition through various healthy eating and cooking classes, and by setting an example at camp meals. CPT also welcomes kosher and vegetarian diets, and our instructors are licensed dietitians who have experience with adult and child weight loss.

Safe Weight Loss

Our campers’ health is most important. CPT does not use pills, drugs or food supplements. Instead, the program is designed to safely lose 3 to 5 pounds in a safe environment that encourages proper nutrition and fitness. The ultimate goal is to instill healthy habits by providing campers with the essential education to continue healthy eating and lifestyles once they are in a camp-free environment. Our campers are weighed each week in private and are taught that weight loss can be fun!

My Plate Theory

Our philosophy focuses on balance and including something from each food group in every meal. Campers are taught the “my plate theory” that promotes visualizing plate portions as half fruits and veggies, a quarter lean protein and a quarter starch. This method works because even an 8-year-old child can go home, pay attention to what they are served and tell mom or dad “this is what camp looked like.” Variety and color is key!

Listen to your body

It’s easy to get caught up in portions and numbers when trying to lose weight, so CPT teaches campers to listen to their bodies and trust their hunger levels. Like infants, our bodies will tell us when we are hungry, when we are full and what types of food we need for our health. It’s about teaching kids and teens to eat for value and nutrition, and not out of boredom or unhappiness.

Follow Up Program

CPT’s nutrition education includes a follow-up program to help campers continue healthy eating in a camp-free world. He or she is given the “Guide for Continued Weight Loss” that provides motivation, healthy recipes and nutrition lessons. CPT also offers nutrition classes and personal training in various areas surrounding the home of Camp Pocono Trails and on-going follow-up via phone consults or e-mail. Plus, our social media platforms provide continuous support and encouragement!

Read about our philosophy on fitness.