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Weight Loss Camps Allow Overweight Teens to Fit In

Obesity is never easy, but it is perhaps most difficult for those in their teenage years. Fortunately, obese teens can find respite at weight loss camps. At weight loss camps for teens, overweight teens can feel comfortable around their peers without worrying about their weight. They can have fun and play without the fear of being teased, and they will be able to compete against others of a similar phenotype.

Weight loss camp counselors are well aware of the difficulties experienced by teenagers each day. In addition, they are experienced at understanding the added burden being obese places on a teenager. During the teenage years, much of a person’s self-perception is based on how a person thinks others view him or her. Being part of a peer group is important too, so teenagers often feel depressed if they are rejected by schoolmates.

Obese teenagers are often left out at school. At home too their parents or family members may berate them for a lack of self control. It is common for an obese teen to withdraw. Sometimes an obese teen may seem confident on the outside, other times he might simply try to fade into the background. Even the obese teen who seems to be confident and unaffected by the daily chiding of his peers is usually suffering from this mistreatment. It becomes difficult not to believe it when people tell you over and over that you are fat, ugly, or have no self control.

Most of us remember how stressful the teenage years can be. But for an obese teen, these years can be much more stressful. During junior high and high school, many obese teens experience a tremendous amount of unfair treatment. Many of these experiences still affect a person well into his or her middle age.

At weight loss camp, overweight girls have a chance to take part in many of the activities they have avoided. They can enjoy dressing up or trying out new fashions without the fear of being ridiculed for being fat, because everyone else at camp is overweight too. They can enjoy dances without feeling out of place, and they can enjoy being part of the group instead of feeling like an outsider.

Weight loss camps provide similarly positive experiences for overweight boys. Boys can enjoy making new friends and playing games or sports with others just like them. They don’t have to worry about being picked last for a team because they are among peers of similar builds. In addition, boys can enjoy making friends with girls without the usual fear of rejection.

At weight loss camps for teens, all the teenagers are overweight. They have all had similarly difficult experiences dealing with their weight and living with the reactions of others. For this reason, camp participants have a lot in common, and they enjoy being part of a group of similar individuals. Weight loss camp gives an obese teen the chance to finally feel good about himself and to simply enjoy being a teenager without worrying what other people think.