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Keeping Exercise Fun for Your Child

Adults who struggle with their weight can go to the health club to get into shape. Most adults understand calories must be burned, and a rigorous diet must be followed. However, children have a more difficult time losing weight, and most overweight children will quickly get bored if told to exercise.

Exercise doesn’t seem nearly as exciting as playing video games or watching a movie. If you tell your child to go outside to do something active, there is a good chance he will just sit on the porch; this isn’t much of an improvement. Weight loss camps for kids are effective because they manage to provide children with activities that are enjoyable. At weight loss camp, children get to have fun and play, which allows them to naturally burn calories.

Parents of overweight children should take a cue from weight loss camps and provide children with fun ways to exercise. You might be able to get your child to go on walks with you or even a jog. But for many children this doesn’t seem very fun. However, you can go on a bug hunt or go hiking in search of wildlife; for many children, this does sound like fun.

A great way to burn calories is through swimming. Swimming works the entire body, and it is very effective for weight loss. More importantly, most children love to swim and play in the pool. Planning a weekly visit to the pool may be just the thing your overweight child needs to get into shape.

Chores and duties provide another avenue for exercise. Do you have a dog? Perhaps your kid should be in charge of walking the dog each day. Do you live close enough to school for your child to walk? This provides another opportunity for exercise.

Getting the entire family involved is a great way to get an overweight child in shape. Games provide a fun way to burn calories. Try a game of charades, or if you are energetic enough, play hide-and-go-seek or even tag. Perhaps a family bike ride to the park or maybe a game of frisbee at the beach.

Kids love to have friends over. If your child wants to invite a friend over to watch TV or to play video games, encourage them instead to do something more active. Most kids will find plenty to do at the park. Send them on a bike ride or even a trip to the zoo.

Another great activity that can involve the whole family is camping. A weekend camping trip is a great opportunity for exercise and fun. Have your child help set up the tent and chop and stack fire wood. Enjoy hiking and exploring the surroundings with your children. Family camping trips are fun for all involved, and exercise opportunities are ample. Just make sure to leave the TV and portable video games at home!

Many of the recommended activities require involvement from the whole family. Family involvement helps provide the motivation for exercise just as the kids and instructors at weight loss camps help provide fun and motivation. Additionally, it helps to keep everyone in shape. So turn off the television and enjoy getting into shape with your child!