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Change the Course with Fitness Camps for Kids

Do you or your spouse exercise regularly? Is it a natural part of your lives? Or, like most of us, is it something you struggle to keep doing? Though the big exercising boom certainly hit our generation, we still don’t find it an easy task to maintain mainly because our parents didn’t exercise. Today’s modern conveniences mean that we get even less activity than our parents on many levels. You can change the course for your children.

Children learn more from what Mom and Dad “do” rather than what they “say.” If they see you exercising every day, then they will be more likely to exercise regularly themselves. Even if you have a hard time picturing your 7-year-old “working out,” you still can’t rely on the bit of outdoor play that they get to provide all of their exercising needs.

When they get older, they naturally slow down a bit and play less rough. This is especially true for girls. Athletically active kids may have an advantage, but even kids who have a soccer practice or two and a game each week aren’t really getting the right type of exercise.

The type of exercise they need on a daily basis has to be something that is naturally built into their routines. This will ensure that they are able to keep up with their exercise requirements long after they are done playing sports or merely playing as children. A fitness camp for kids this summer can help you get the kids in shape and perhaps the whole family when they bring home their new exercises.

In the meantime, you can begin helping your child exercise by finding exercise activities that they enjoy, yet offer a routine type activity. A regular game of tag at the park might be a good way to start, but continue to push towards more routine activities such as running. You could do this by sneaking in the running. Perhaps, “IT” needs to run a lap around the field before chasing the other players. Try to purchase a bit of home gym equipment as you can ( or garage sales are a good start) and teach yourself and the kids how to properly use this equipment. Make sure you keep safety in mind. For younger kids, a trampoline that has walls around is a great purchase or even a jump rope for a less expensive route.

Don’t forget about checking out fitness camps, though. They are a lot of fun for kids, and trained professionals may be able to convince your kids that exercise is  an important part of their daily lives!