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Looking for a health and fitness camp in Columbia?

If you are looking for a health and fitness camp in Columbia, you have found the best health and fitness camp anywhere!  We are located in the Poconos in PA, just outside of New York City.  However, we serve so many campers from Columbia that are looking for a health and fitness camp that we created a webpage just for customers from Columbia.

As a parent looking for a health and fitness camp for your child, family, or yourself, we’d love to hear from you.  You can check out our video tour here.

Help in Finding a health and fitness camp for Columbia Residents

At Camp Pocono Trails, we are the top health and fitness program in the United States. We serve campers from all over including Columbia.  Our program has been around for over 20 years serving Columbia families and we are fully American Camp Association (ACA) accredited.

Our program is located on 350 spectacular acres with over 100 activities.

Health and Wellness Camp for Columbia Residents

We are nearby in Reeders, PA and we can also pick you up from the Allentown, PA airport.

Fitness at a Kids Weight Loss Camp

When addressing health and fitness in young children, it is imperative that we find healthy activities the child will participate in when they go home. In adult fitness, miles ran or calories burned are often the primary focus.  For children or teens, focusing on finding and participating in physical activity they enjoy is often more beneficial.  Most young people likely worry less about hitting goal numbers than they do about participating in activity that is fun.

Weight Loss Family Camp Track

Camp Pocono Trails offers the premier weight loss family camp in the United States. Families get their own private cabin which includes housekeeping services and a private bathroom. Our world-class facilities include two outdoor heated swimming pools, zip lines and a challenge course along with great sports and activities.

Kids especially enjoy our drama and dance classes all in a beautiful lakefront setting. Families sign up for their favorite activities and programs which occur day and night.

Resources for Health and Wellness

National Institute on Aging (NIA): Healthy Eating Resources:

Good nutrition is especially important for older adults. Take advantage of this information from NIA on maintaining a healthy weight and getting the necessary nutrients for healthy aging.


HealthFinder has resources on a wide range of health topics selected from over 1,600 government and non-profit organizations to bring you reliable health information.

Deliciously Healthy Eating Recipes:

The National Institute of Health’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has created a website of nutritious and tasty meal ideas for children and adults. The site features recipes, videos, and tips for creating healthy meals for the family.

Maryland Weight Loss Camp: Teens Get Healthy at Pocono Trails!

Maryland families looking for a weight loss camp frequently come to nearby Camp Pocono Trails.  This summer get in the car with your teenager and drive about 3-hours north until you reach the beautiful northeast mountain region of Pennsylvania known as the Poconos Mountains.

The Sparbers operate a weight loss camp but emphasize that it is not a “fat camp” run by a corporate entity. There are important distinctions to be made here. They have achieved success through direct involvement and they are at the camp every day during the summer. Also, the Sparbers hand select the most caring and experienced staff who return year after year. Striving for your teen to be nurtured by professional expertise and personal attention all summer, this family operated camp wants your teen to receive support along their weight loss journey. This is how Camp Pocono Trails has established its excellent reputation and why teens want to return and stay all summer long.

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