weight loss success

Camper Spotlight:


Before attending Camp Pocono Trails Summer Program in 2017, I was a shy and overweight teenager. Although I was a good student, I did not have many friends and I was about going to High School. I had never participate in sports and lacked the self confidence to make new friends or try new activities. When my Mom found Camp Pocono Trails, I thought it was going to be a punishment; however, it turned out to be quite the opposite. When I arrived at Camp Pocono Trails, the staff and counselors were kind, encouraging, and so motivating. I made new friends, went on field trips, participated in sports and activities I had never tried or enjoyed. I was taught to eat right, make healthy choices and had the best summer of my life.

By the time summer was over, the pounds had melted away, I was confident, healthy, tan, in great shape and ready to take high school by storm. I have continued to use the tools that Camp Pocono Trails provided me and am now a healthy, happy, confident, and slim 10th grader. I play the saxophone in the BHS marching band, take taekwando (just got my blue belt), am one of 5 girls on the wresting team, and play softball for BHS. I also speak 3rd year Japanese, host foreign exchange campers, do community service at my church and am applying to the Air Force Academy.

I would like everyone interested in changing their lives to know IT CAN BE DONE AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO AT CAMP POCONO TRAILS!

~Zoe R.