Health Focus Camper Spotlight!

Campers come to Camp Pocono Trails for a variety of reasons. Some come to develop sports skills, for strength training, technology habit change, or to build positive self-esteem. The campers spotlighted on this page have lost a significant amount of weight in addition to making positive changes in their overall health.

Before camp and 8 months later

Camper Spotlight:


Way to go Samantha! Great job keeping up with the changes you made at camp back home.

Samantha’s mom wrote, “When Samantha got home from camp I wrote a review about how her life changed after your camp. So now it’s 8 months later and she has continued to keep the weight off. We hired a personal trainer and forwarded the camp booklet to her so that she could continue with your schedule. She left camp at 135 LBS now she is 132 LBS – so approximately exactly the same.”

Camper Spotlight:


Amazing work Dylan! We are proud of what you have accomplished and happy to see you are continuing your success back at home. 

Dylan’s mother stated, “He is doing awesome.  He has kept the weight off and is maintaining a healthy weight.  Dylan is much happier with himself.  He runs several miles a few times a week, usually with weights on his legs.  He practices baseball and will play in the spring.”

Before and After CPT

Before camp and back home

Camper Spotlight:


Keep up the great work Chloe! You are looking happier and healthier than ever. Chloe’s mom wrote us recently and said:

“I attached two pictures of Chloe. One is from Easter in April. The other is taken four months later in August…Since camp, despite growing three inches, she managed to lose another 8 pounds. I am so happy to see her look at herself and feel beautiful. Now, instead of saying things like she wishes she was smaller, she literally says she feels so pretty.” Chloe’s mom continued, “I am very grateful to the camp and what they have done for Chloe, it was worth every cent because I didn’t know where to start and how to maintain on our own without help. Thank you and the camp for what you do for these kids!

Camper Spotlight:


Congratulations to Seaman Asher! We were so excited to see your progress at camp and we wish you continued success in your naval career!
Asher’s mother writes, “I just wanted to thank you for the excellent results my son, Asher had by attending Camp Pocono Trails. He lost 47 pounds and looks and feels great. He just got sworn in as a Navy Recruit. We are very proud of him for accomplishing that goal he has wanted for so long. Because of his camp experience, he met the weight-to-height ratio for the Navy with no problem. Thank you for offering and running such a great program.

Before and After CPT

At camp and back home

Camper Spotlight:


Another incredible weight loss journey! Let’s hear it for Miles, who completed his second summer at CPT this year and has lost a total of 70 pounds!

Miles said, “I was at camp for 6 weeks. This was my second time at camp. My motivation for keeping the weight off and even losing more really improved the second time around. I lost 45 pounds at camp and I am up to 70 pounds of weight loss now. The social aspect of losing weight at camp helped, along with wanting to improve my performance at football and lacrosse. I really liked the food at camp because it’s actual food and it does not even feel like you are on a diet. The way CPT makes nutrition and weight loss fun really worked for me. Playing sports and having fun at camp you don’t even feel like you are working to lose weight, you are just having fun.”

Camper Spotlight:


Wonderful job Lorenzo! We are so proud of your progress with over 50 lbs. of weight loss. We are so glad you were able to learn skills at CPT that have led to long-term success. Keep up the great work.


Lorenzo’s mom writes, “Lorenzo has continued to lose weight and has now lost 52 lbs. We are so proud of him. He is doing great and making very good health choices. He has a physical job and enjoys working out. I am very thankful that he is still in touch with all of his YAM group. Most of them are still doing well as they are trying to inspire each other. Here is a picture of him. He has gone down 3 clothing sizes. Love this young man.”

Before and After CPT

Camper Spotlight:


Dear Tony and Staff,

Thank you so much for an amazing summer for Max. Max set out with a goal in his mind for the Summer and he definitely achieved it. Thank you for everything that you all did to keep the kids safe and give them a sense of normalcy after a year of anything but that. The hard work that Max put in at camp has continued to his credit even though he has only been home for a few days. We are excited for Max’s next chapter and feel that this summer gave him the boost and confidence he wanted to achieve. We are grateful to all of you and so proud of Max. We made him a promise to help the journey continue at home. Thank you again for everything.

– Max’s mom

Camper Spotlight:


Way to go Hudson! We are so proud of your progress and love your self-confidence! Great job! Just look at the before and after pics- what a difference.
My Adventure this Summer by Hudson
According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, an adventure is defined as an exciting or remarkable experience. This summer I had an adventure! I went to a camp in the Pocono mountains. The name of the camp is Camp Pocono Trails. It was a fun experience and I would like to tell you about it.
I not only made friends with the campers, but I also made friends with the counselors. I remember the first day I did fitness a counselor was next to me and told me to keep going. Due to that, I was able to finish my first class successfully. When I went to this camp I was scared that everyone would look so much healthier than me and I would be picked on but I soon realized it was quite the opposite. Everyone was in the same boat – one way or the other. We were all there for the same reason, to be healthier and learn about making better choices. The counselors were really encouraging and that helped everyone along the way.
I knew that the only way I would be successful was to go all-out every day. During fitness, I would want to die but in the end, I would be proud of myself. When my last day came it was hard to leave – I was kind of sad. This place had become my home in many ways. The bonds I had with everyone there were hard to turn away from. On my way to my mom’s car something wonderful happened, it was like I was in a movie. My friends were coming back from tie-dying and we were all hugging, talking, and laughing. This made leaving so much easier, plus I could come back next summer for another adventure. I can confirm that this summer is something Merriam-Webster’s dictionary would call an adventure.

Before CPT

After CPT

Camper Spotlight:


Jordan is so much more confident and he looks terrific. He was a little apprehensive at first but he came to adjust to the camp quickly after the first week. Jordan really likes fishing, Zoomba, the zipline, and swimming as well. While he has previously only been away from home for 24 hours before, he is adjusting quite well to his 7-week stay.
He has made friends from all over the world at camp including Egypt. Making a lot of friends has made Jordan feel good about attending. We are very proud of him. God bless you guys and the work you are doing!
– Jordan’s parents

Camper Spotlight:


Charles started his weight loss journey at Camp Pocono Trails (CPT) in 2017 and returned this year as a counselor. We are very proud of the accomplishments of this young man! Charles is a role model for our campers at CPT and serves as a shining example of what campers can achieve with just a little determination and perseverance!

Charles returned in 2021 to serve as a counselor and role model for CPT campers! In the above photo, Charles is giving a motivational speech to campers at CPT. Charles’ story served as a motivation to the entire camp as he discussed building confidence while losing weight at CPT. Charles served as a counselor for the 12-13 age group this past summer.

Charles’ mother writes, “Thanks Camp Pocono Trails for another fun & inspiring summer and your commitment to campers’ physical and emotional fitness.” On behalf of CPT, we’d like to thank you Charles for sharing your success with others this summer!”

weight loss success

Camper Spotlight:


Before attending Camp Pocono Trails Summer Program in 2017, I was a shy and overweight teenager. Although I was a good student, I did not have many friends and I was about going to High School. I had never participate in sports and lacked the self confidence to make new friends or try new activities. When my Mom found Camp Pocono Trails, I thought it was going to be a punishment; however, it turned out to be quite the opposite. When I arrived at Camp Pocono Trails, the staff and counselors were kind, encouraging, and so motivating. I made new friends, went on field trips, participated in sports and activities I had never tried or enjoyed. I was taught to eat right, make healthy choices and had the best summer of my life.

By the time summer was over, the pounds had melted away, I was confident, healthy, tan, in great shape and ready to take high school by storm. I have continued to use the tools that Camp Pocono Trails provided me and am now a healthy, happy, confident, and slim 10th grader. I play the saxophone in the BHS marching band, take taekwando (just got my blue belt), am one of 5 girls on the wresting team, and play softball for BHS. I also speak 3rd year Japanese, host foreign exchange campers, do community service at my church and am applying to the Air Force Academy.

I would like everyone interested in changing their lives to know IT CAN BE DONE AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO AT CAMP POCONO TRAILS!

~Zoe R.