2020 Dates & Rates

Why wait? Plan for your fitness adventure today! Space is limited.

Dates are flexible! For different dates and or sessions than shown, please speak to Tony or Dale Sparber at 1-800-365-0556. We’re flexible! If you are interested in extra weeks, they are available on a pro rata basis.

Precamp11 days6/17-6/27
Session 17+4 days6/28-8/19$10590
Session 26 weeks6/28-8/8$9190
Session 35 weeks6/28-8/1$8090
Session 44 weeks6/28-7/25$6990
Session 53 weeks6/28-7/18$5890
Session 62 weeks6/28-7/11$3950
Session 75+5 days7/12-8/18$8690
Session 84+4 days7/19-8/19$7190
End of Summer Special
Session 93+3 days7/27-8/19$5190
Session 102+4 days8/2-8/19$4190
Moms Camp / Family Camp
Session 111 days6/17-6/27$2250
Session 27 days7/26-8/1$1790
Session 37 days8/2-8/8$1790
Session 47 days8/9-8/15$1790
Session 511 days8/9-8/19$2250
Young Adult Camp
Same as regular camp Dates & Rates (see above)

Note: All rates are per person. Any of the Moms Camp or Family Camp sessions can be combined for longer camp stays.

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Free Airfare

For campers traveling from west of the Mississippi River to Camp Pocono Trails! (Free airfare applies to a minimum 4-week stay. For details, call 1-800-365-0556.)