Camp Pocono Trails Facts and Questions

Camp Pocono Trails: the leading wellness camp offering a specialized focus on fitness, weight management, managing online activity, good eating habits, self-esteem and more.

What is the Camp Pocono Trails food program like?  

At Camp Pocono Trails we give campers three real meals per day. Meals are specially designed by chefs and nutritionists so that they are specifically geared for adolescents, teens, and young adults. The food is very normal but it is portion controlled and cooked in a healthy way. The combination of healthy meals and activity ensures a net-negative calorie intake for campers that need to lose weight. Some campers will be on a maintenance program or calorie surplus program if they do not have weight issues.

Some campers, especially those enrolled in the Summerland program, do not necessarily need to lose weight. Some campers are on a maintenance program or actually need to put weight on. These campers also benefit from the Camp Pocono Trails food program by learning about caloric intake and nutritional skills. These campers receive wristbands to identify their unique needs to nutrition staff when going through the meal lines, and they can also get extra snacks throughout the day.

It is very rare that we ever hear of a camper being hungry at camp. We offer three meals a day along with two snacks to all campers. Campers are also required to carry a water bottle with them and keep hydrated.

We eat a lot of traditional foods at camp, they are just prepared in a way that is healthier. For example, nothing is fried at camp. Instead, we grill, steam, or bake.

We also don’t serve soda at camp. Finally, we teach campers how to prepare their own meals so that they can implement the changes they learn at camp back home.

If your child has any anxieties about the food served at camp you have to assure them that our portions are more than adequate, our food tastes great, and they will learn recipes they will want to show you when they return home. We make sure no one goes hungry and our portions are sufficient. If your child does not like the main dish, there is always a substitution available.

The number one goal of Camp Pocono Trails is to have fun. We combine that with nutrition, fitness, and healthy living skills. Raising self-esteem is also built into our process. Camp Pocono Trails helps kids lose weight and keep it off through a combination of fitness, nutrition, and education.

How much do I exercise at Camp Pocono Trails?

Health and fitness camps for kids and teens are not designed to be boot camps; campers will be working out, but not overworked. Physical activity is an important part of the health and fitness process. Campers with weight or lack of physical activity issues will be encouraged to find activities they will want to continue upon their transition back home.

Camp Pocono Trails seeks to make exercise fun through activities and sporting events. Campers may not even know they are exercising when attending Camp Pocono Trails.  Campers must find an enjoyable activity they embrace and will continue in the long term. In this respect, they must find a workout activity they don’t really consider a “workout.”

Often, this is a sport or game they can play with a group. Having group influence helps keep campers motivated and participating in the sport or game of their choice. It can be difficult finding a sport or game that is offered back home. This is why we try a wide variety of activities at camp. Sometimes, a solitary activity like jogging, yoga Zumba classes, or weight training is the best match for campers that are limited by geography or other environmental factors.

Your child can be at ease about any exercise concerns at camp. We encourage each other to bring out our best and work hard, but we would never force a camper into doing something in which they are uncomfortable. Surprisingly, almost all campers participate in the Camp Pocono Trails 5K race at the end of camp.

We also have theatre, camp trips, camp theme days, dance, and out-of-camp activities that are intertwined with physical activity. We have a ton of fun at camp and make sure we maintain each camper’s interest with a variety of fun activities.

My child only interacts through screens. Wouldn't limiting screen activity do more harm than good?

It is true that today, social media and socialization through video games to a lesser extent is, in fact, an important part of identity development for most kids growing up in the US. However, this is not a black or white issue.

Take salt for example. Everyone needs salt to survive- we would, in fact, die without it. But should we then take salt in unlimited proportions? Should we put extra salt on every meal? Of course not. The old adage is true, there can be “too much of a good thing.”

A good question parents can ask themselves about their child’s online activities is: does my child’s screen activity interfere with their ability to make and keep friends, get good grades or interfere with any other aspect of life such as keeping their room clean or doing their required chores? Is it a constant source of arguments in the home?

Parents can also ask themselves, “If my child left for college today, would they study their hardest and make A’s or would I be worried they are online all day goofing off?”  If the questions lean towards worry about goofing off online, or if online activities are interfering with your child’s ability to meet their most basic expectations in life, it may be time for an intervention.

Take the following survey to determine your next steps with screen time overuse:

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My child is addicted to video games. Will this program work?

Removing a child from their current environment is that fastest way to “reset” a child’s mental framework. For depression and compulsive behaviors such as repetitive gaming, there is no better first step than removing a child from their current surroundings and immersing them in an environment governed by health and wellness.

Your child will be surrounded by 350 acres of beauty in the Pocono Mountains. Adventure activities, theatre, dance, swimming, fishing, golf and so much more await your child.

Once your child has stepped back from their current routine, they will be placed in a focus group that encourages the development of insight into how gaming has affected our lives. Having those “ah-ha” moments are rewarded and encouraged in a group.

Best of all, every camper in the tech track learns how to keep a Behavior Planning Journal where we write down our long and short-term goals. We then plan our day to fit around our goals and what we want in life. Campers then learn how to self-regulate their screen time as simply quitting all screen activity is impractical in today’s modern society.

How can my child get to Camp Pocono Trails? 

Camp Pocono Trails is located in Reeders, PA. The closest airport is the Allentown, PA airport where we provide free airport pickup and drop off. Please give us a call before booking your flight.

Many families chose to drive to camp. The address of the camp is as follows:

300 Camp Akiba Road

Reeders, PA 18352

Phone: 570-619-7761

My child won't have any friends there. Are their cliques of former campers that will bully my child?

70% of kids that attend are brand new. We are a structured program and everyone your child lives with will participate in the same activities as your child. Some campers do arrive with friends or have friends they have made in year’s past. However, the majority of campers come alone and most come from states or even countries located far away.

At Camp Pocono Trails our staff to camper ratio is 1:4 and we go above and beyond creating an atmosphere that is warm, open, and conducive to making friends quickly. We play “get to know each other” games and camp counselors are trained to ensure everyone is participating and enjoying camp.

How long should my child attend Camp Pocono Trails?

With most things in life, the more someone practices a new habit, the more it becomes reinforced. Some campers really embrace the lifestyle changes we encourage at camp and within a few weeks, they are ready to go home and live a healthier new lifestyle.

Even if your child is only able to stay a short amount of time, we also send every camper home with the tools they need to be successful. We also offer an excellent follow-up program.

What if my child does not want to attend camp?

The great news is that campers make friends very easily at camp. We have a great camp video that will help get your child on board. Once they watch the tour video it usually changes a camper’s mind. We also offer open houses at the camp where you can meet other new campers and our staff. You can also talk over the phone with prior campers that and families that have previously attended.

We have a sign at camp that reads, “There are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met yet.” This is really the motto of camp. We encourage an atmosphere of 100% positivity.

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