Campers had a blast at Motivation Mania this summer! Hosts and personal trainers Charles Abouzied and Mark Chillis welcomed campers and staff members alike to share their stories of success with a group of approximately 200 campers, most in the initial stages of their wellness journeys. Campers also performed dances, skits, and participated in fun competitions as part of the celebration.

Charles Abouzied stated, “This is such a great opportunity for our campers to share in the success of others who once sat where they are today.” Mark Chillis added, “It’s inspirational to see what amazing progress our campers can achieve once they decide to put in the work and start their transformational journey. We reinforced to campers that although the camp is ending your fitness journey is just beginning.”

One participant was Dwight Johnson who lost over 60 pounds since his first summer at Camp Pocono Trails. Dwight first attended Camp Pocono Trails as a camper but has returned as a counselor. Dwight stated, “It’s the best thing ever to have campers tell me that my progress has motivated them to run extra laps or put in a little more work. Their inspiration is what keeps me going.”

Six current or former campers shared their transformational stories at Motivation Mania. Participants shared weight loss milestones of losing 20, 50, and even 75 pounds or more; in addition to creating lifestyle changes related to overcoming video game addiction and unhealthy social media use.

Camp Pocono Trails utilizes scientifically-based nutrition and fitness interventions, as well as educational group sessions to help participants lose weight, build self-esteem, create healthy technology habits, increase structure, and improve overall health.

Camp owner Tony Sparber stated, “We believe that celebrating the success of our campers and staff members alike will serve as inspiration to campers in their initial phase. Many of our participants find inspiration through the role-modeling of past campers, and certainly, more conversations between at-risk individuals and participants that have found success are undoubtedly a good thing. Our mission is to provide a safe, research-supported program for those individuals seeking a sustainable and healthy way of living. We aren’t about crash diets; we’re about creating lasting change and success. Our camp provides the structure, practice, and education required to improve overall health and wellness to last a lifetime.”