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Our world famous program on 350 spectacular lakefront acres balances structure and choice, as well as skill-building and fun! Our campers unplug, connect with friends and nature, and learn new skills and healthy habits. They gain memories, community, self-esteem and go home feeling happier and healthier than they’ve ever known possible.

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Weight Loss Camp + Health and Fitness Camp

Camp Pocono Trails aims to set campers on a path of health and fitness that will last a lifetime. We serve a variety of campers with a variety of concerns from fitness, weight loss, strength and conditioning, and self-esteem. We help campers that want to improve fitness, strength, and their physical selves. Campers range from age 7-18 to young adults 18-21.

Informed by the latest research, our health and fitness camp reflects a philosophy that encourages lifestyle modifications to help you sustain progress back home. Campers build healthy habits like consistent movement, regular nourishment with whole, nutritious foods, and restorative stress management. Campers make new friends from across the globe while supporting and encouraging each other to make a permanent lifestyle change.

Not everyone at camp needs to lose weight. Many campers come to Camp Pocono Trails to learn how to eat right, cook healthy meals, and develop a long-term plan for health and wellness. Some campers attend in order to best prepare for participation in school or college sports.

All campers have a blast while participating in fun traditional camp activities along with nutrition, culinary, and personal training/fitness classes. Some components of camp are elective, such as the self-esteem and internet habit reversal track. Campers come back each year to have fun, reconnect with friends, and maintain the progress they have made.

If you’d like to discuss your long-term health and wellness goals, or even if you just want to learn how to feel better, give us a call today at 1-800-365-0556.

Video Game Addiction Camp

We help campers that overuse video games, cell phones lifestyle change meeting (smartphones) or other screen devices using a clinically based program implemented by qualified therapists. We see many campers that have fallen into a daily routine of screen activity. Often, health, fitness, and self-esteem have suffered due to screen overuse behaviors.

We have a proven curriculum to overcome these issues. Parents of past campers have reported a decrease in a range of issues including:

– Decreased loneliness
– Reduction in anxiety
– Improvement in effective communication skills
– Reduction in “tense” feelings
– Improvement in organizational skills
– Decrease in sadness / improved moods
– Decrease in somatic complaints
– Reduction in irritability

The weight training program at Camp Pocono Trails helps all campers get on a path of positive habits. Some tech campers need to lose weight, and some need to gain weight. We can help campers in any situation. Campers work with personal trainers and we can build them up physically. Give us a call today at 1-800-365-0556 to determine if a summer camp to reduce video game or cellphone activity is right for your child.

Self-Esteem Camp

Who doesn’t want to feel better? It’s a universal goal to tennis at weight loss camp live your life surrounded by positivity, to enjoy good health, and to experience daily positive feelings. We can help with building self-esteem at Camp Pocono Trails.

Whether your primary goal is to lose weight, increase health and wellness, or manage screen activity or other daily habits, self-esteem plays a role in your long term success. The power of positive thinking surrounds campers at Camp Pocono Trails. Campers support and encourage each-other to take responsibility for how they feel.

It goes farther than just encouraging each other to feel better. Campers learn from qualified therapists using a cognitive-behavioral approach exactly how to increase self-esteem. If there are specific issues, we can address those as well. For example, if a camper reveals they have a hard time making friends or that they are bullied at school, we will role-play exactly how to overcome these social situations.

While we are a self-esteem building camp, we are not a good fit for everyone. Please give us a call today at 1-800-365-0556 so we can determine if your child is a good fit.

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Camp Pocono Trails has helped campers ages 7-18 and young adults 18-21. from around the globe. Our focus is on health and wellness; including weight loss, self-esteem, and building healthy online habits. Our resort-like setting on 350 private acres is second to none!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Announcing our 2024 Clean Eatz Partnership!

We are proud and excited to be working with the Clean Eatz Corporation. Clean Eatz is a national healthy food chain with over 100 stores across the country. They specialize in healthy food, healthy lifestyles, and healthy living. We will be serving some of the Clean Eatz food at camp this summer, and their food will be available to campers after this summer through a special discount offering available to Camp Pocono Trails alumni. They have over 100 stores across the country and there is a good chance one is in your area.

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Ready to get in the best physical and mental shape of your life?