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Technology Habit Change Program Track

In 2024, we created a survey that was emailed to 103 families whose children successfully completed the Summerland Program at Camp Pocono Trails in 2023. The survey was conducted via SurveyMonkey. Alumni families were asked nine questions about their child’s experience at the program. The response rate for this survey was 30.09% which is considered a good rate of response.

Highlights of the results include:

Parent Testimonials about Health and Wellness Components of Camp

“My ten-year-old daughter just spent five weeks at Camp Pocono Trails, and I can’t say enough about this camp. My daughter is strong-willed to the point of self-sabotage, and I knew that she needed someone who wasn’t me to show her the importance of exercise and healthy eating. She left behind her device and was introduced to a variety of fun activities interspersed with learning about nutrition and taking cooking classes.

She learned important lessons in how to get along with other children. Her counselor and the head of the girls’ camp intervened when she was having problems with her bunk mates– again, all things we have been working on at home, but so much more impactful when it’s not coming from your parents.

She also got sick while she was at camp, and the nursing staff did a superlative job taking care of her so she could finish out the last two weeks at camp and reap all the benefits.

I am deeply grateful to the owners and staff who took care of my daughter like she was their own and who set her up for a lifetime of good health and well-being. Now, it’s our job to make sure she stays on this path. If your child is struggling and nothing you do seems to be working, I highly recommend Camp Pocono Trails. I see it as an invaluable investment in my daughter’s future health and happiness.


“Love this place!!! Camp Pocono Trails changed my child’s life. This summer was an investment in my child’s health and well-being. My child had few friends, only interacting with others online. So we signed him up for the Technology Addiction track. Not only did he learn how to manage his video game play, but he also returned home with a plan to manage his online time and the skills to do it. We got a return on our investment in spades! We are so happy with Camp Pocono Trails and its counselors. Thank you for all you do”


“If you want to transform your child into the best they can be then this is the camp for you. No one can believe she is the same person. She looks incredible, has great self-esteem, and was able to continue the plan when she came home. All of our friends are in complete shock when then see her – they don’t even recognize her. Everyone is asking me where she went over the summer because they all want their kids to look like her. I would give them 100 stars if I could. My daughter is a teenager and went to camp for almost 8 weeks. They exceeded all my expectations and my daughter wants to return next year. This camp changed my daughters life.”

– Beth

“The summer of 2020 was my daughters first year at Camp Pocono Trails. It was especially stressful with the pandemic in full swing, however, Tony and Tricia were fabulous in the months leading up to camp. The communication was spot on and left no room for confusion. On top of communicating about the ongoing changes at camp due to the pandemic, the camp rolled out a virtual exercise program for families to participate in prior to coming to camp. The actual roll out of the drop off and pick up procedures, as well as procedures at camp, once kids were there, made me feel confident that Bella was safe, as well as having a good time. Her experience at camp has reshaped her entire outlook on smart eating, the importance of exercise and appropriate management of electronic use. This balance has had a life changing impact on her that she continues to maintain outside of camp. On top of these changes, she has made life long friends that she has stayed in contact with since leaving in August. We both look forward to her time at camp for the upcoming summer of 2021!”


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Parent and Camper Photos

kayaking at weight loss camp
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The photos above are of parents and campers enjoying the Camp Pocono Trails property during visiting day and/or as a part of Mom’s Camp. Moms are welcome to join us each summer for short sessions of 1 to 2 weeks.

Camper Reviews of Camp Pocono Trails

What campers have to say about CPT.

“This is one of the greatest camps in the country. As a camper for over 10 years I would not change how I spend my summers. I have learned a lot about how to live a realistic lifestyle. This camp is full of fun and allowed me to gain lifelong friends. I credit this camp with molding me into the outgoing, charismatic individual I am today.”


“I not only made friends with the campers, but I also made friends with the counselors. I remember the first day I did fitness a counselor was next to me and told me to keep going. Due to that, I was able to finish my first class successfully. When I went to this camp I was scared that everyone would look so much healthier than me and I would be picked on but I soon realized it was quite the opposite. Everyone was in the same boat – one way or the other. We were all there for the same reason, to be healthier and learn about making better choices. The counselors were really encouraging and that helped everyone along the way.”


“I had the best time at Camp Pocono Trails. It’s the best camp I’ve ever been to. The campers and counselors were both very nice and understanding. Self Esteem was a very empowering group and it helped my bunk bond and get us talking about self-improvement. I really liked the variety of food we got and even though it was very healthy it was still very good tasting. I liked doing the ropes course. I was scary at first but it ended up being fun.  I came midway during the summer so I was afraid I would be hard making friends but I actually became friends with everyone in my bunk. My only complaint is that the coffee could be better. My favorite thing to do there was Zumba. My least favorite thing was going home. I can’t wait to talk to my friends I made at camp at home. I look forward to another fun summer next year.”


Testimonials & Transformations

Our accolades and camper successes speak for themselves!

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