Weight Loss Camp With a Healthy Lifestyle Focus

If you are searching for the best wellness or weight loss camp for kids, teens, or young adults, you’ve found it! Camp Pocono Trails provides an environment where getting healthy and having fun are both integral parts of the experience. We’re a beautiful ACA Accredited Camp that promotes health, wellness, integrity, and learning in a fun, mainstream manner.

We care deeply for our camper’s wellbeing, health, and future. Fun is an integral part of wellness. We don’t believe in fads, deprivation, or highly clinical approaches help in a summer camp atmosphere. Rather, we teach you how to live a healthier life by making smarter choices, being conscious of portion sizes, and engaging in physical activities while enjoying our spectacular, private camp setting.

The Best Summer of Your Life is at Camp Pocono Trails!

Having a blast while losing weight, getting fit and building healthy new habits is what Camp Pocono Trails is all about. With over 20+ years of experience, we understand what it takes to build healthy new behaviors that will stick when the camper returns back home.

At Camp Pocono Trails campers truly have the summer of their lives while making new friends and participating in a wide range of activities. We provide all the traditional summer camp activities you would expect from skit nights to talent shows, swimming, lakefront activities, color war and more. Simply put, the focus is on fun.

We add to the summer camp experience with fun healthy lifestyle focused sports, games, and workout instruction such as Zumba and yoga. All of this is provided on a private, 350-acre campus in the beautiful Pocono Mountains.

Imagine yourself waking up in a cabin full of new friends and heading off to a fun activity like wakeboarding, tubing on the back of a jet ski, golf, tennis, swimming, a challenge course and more. We might then head over to the dining hall to learn about nutrition or take a cooking class to learn how to make your favorite meal in a healthy new way. Rounding out the day, imagine yourself having fun with your cabin preparing a skit or perfecting your cabin’s routine for a fun talent show. At lights out, campers not only have a blast but also feel satisfied they made positive strides towards their personal goals.

Best Weight Loss Camp + Fitness, Tech Management, and More

Camp Pocono Trails has a reputation as the best weight loss camp around. However, we are so much more than a weight loss camp. Not everyone at Camp Pocono Trails is here to lose weight.

Many campers return year after year to just have fun, reconnect with friends, and maintain the progress they have made in prior years. Some campers attend to focus on self-esteem, lifestyle change, or to simply get into the best physical and mental shape of their lives. The focus on self-esteem and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an optional track for all campers.

Camp Pocono Trails also offers a technology habit change track which is also optional. We offer this track because now more than ever online habits have become part of our daily routines. While social media and video games offer a way to interact and connect with others, we have seen a rise in the use of technology as a method of escape from the real world. Campers that have fallen into a habit of screen overuse benefit from a summer of being screen-free while learning practical skills to manage their technology habits back home.

Best Weight Loss Camp for Making Friends

We are much more than just being the best weight loss camp. Having a shared transformational experience at summer camp is the perfect setting to connect with others and make new friends. For many campers, this will be the first time they have felt 100% in control of their weight, their self-esteem, and their online habits. The atmosphere of positivity is something any visitor can observe within minutes of arrival at camp.

Sometimes, campers are reluctant to attend. It’s our experience that most, if not all of these campers are amazed to find out that Camp Pocono Trails is a friendly, positive, and most of all fun place to spend the summer. Many of our camp counselors started off as initially reluctant campers but then after a transformational summer, they requested to come back year after year, eventually completing the Junior Counselor Program and eventually becoming a full-fledged staff member.

We even have senior staff that once started off as a camper many years ago. We believe that our return rate is proof of the effectiveness of the program, not to mention the level of fun that campers have every summer. After all, if the program was not incredible, why would campers request to return year after year?

Take the Camp Pocono Trails Weight Loss Journey

Consistently rated and reviewed by alumni as the best wellness or weight loss camp for kids, teens, and adults too; we offer an amazing selection of over 101 ways to have fun.  We offer everything you’d expect from a great fitness camp and more. We have it all, from waterskiing to a climbing wall, yoga to aerobics, golf to tennis, cooking classes, nutritional instruction and great workouts guided by inspiring instructors. Our sports programs focus on camper participation, not winning and losing.

Campers receive athletic instruction from a first-rate staff, where positive reinforcement is continually at work to encourage kids, whatever their skill level. Building self-esteem is key. The environment is always non-threatening and stress-free. Our counselor-to-camper ratio never exceeds 1-4. Add an extensive list of special events and off camp excursions to places like famed amusement parks and Broadway shows and you have a summer experience unlike any other. No wonder our camps attract campers from all over the world!

Start planning for Summer Camp!

Because we are the best weight loss camp anywhere, sessions fill up fast. Campers come from around the world to attend Camp Pocono Trails. We can pick up your camper from the Allentown, PA airport, or the Newark, NJ airport. Many campers arrive by car as we are a quick drive from many metropolitan areas including New York City.

Additionally, we can custom build a session for you based on your needs and desired length of stay. Some campers participate in sports and activities but have a technology habit focus. Others focus on weight loss and self-esteem, while many are in attendance just to maintain their health and have a great summer.

Please view our camp dates and rates or call us at 1-800-365-0556.

Sparbers weight loss camp

The Sparber Family. Tony and Dale Sparber founded Camp Pocono Trails in 1992 and serve as on-site executive directors. The legacy of the Sparbers in the wellness industry spans virtually their entire lives.

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