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Fat Camp for Boys

Camp Pocono Trails is better than a typical fat camp for boys. We are a science-based, results-oriented weight-loss program catering to boys ages seven to seventeen as well as a young adult program for ages eighteen to twenty-five.  We also offer a family camp where families can learn healthy new skills together.

Fat Camp for Boys
Fat Camp for Boys

An Approach Better than a Fat Camp for Boys

We are better than a fat camp for boys in that our approach is positive in every aspect. We don’t call our campers “fat” or blame them for any physical issues. Instead, we focus on solutions as a results-oriented, positive weight loss program for boys.

If you are searching for a fat camp for boys, you will find no better alternative than Camp Pocono Trails. Most of our campers are overweight and need to start with the very basics of exercise and nutrition. However, some of our campers are more advanced physically, socially, and emotionally and simply need to learn how to manage healthy habits independently so that they can transfer successfully into adulthood.

Fat Camp for Boys, the Camp Pocono Trails Alternative

If you are a parent looking for a fat camp for boys, please consider Camp Pocono Trails. We have successfully helped thousands of boys and young men transform their lives for the better. Our campers have a multitude of positive experiences at camp which energizes and motivates them to go home and continue their success.

Summer Camp Activities Boys Love!

Fishing and ropes courses tend to be among the most popular activities for boys while other boys enjoy sports and aquatics. Some boys, however, gravitate to theatre and dance. No one at Camp Pocono Trails is judgmental- everyone is encouraged to try their best at all activities no matter what they are.