Best Weight Loss Camp for New Mexico Families!

Looking for the best weight loss camp for your New Mexico child?

New Mexico Teens Are Losing Weight at Camp Pocono Trails

Located in Pennsylvania, many New Mexico teens are getting fit and having fun at Camp Pocono Trails weight loss camp! There are more than 101+ activities for teens to discover at this summer camp. Many of the activities offered will give your teen an opportunity of a lifetime to try new things like a challenging ropes course, climbing wall, aerobics classes, Zumba, water polo, and much more.

Camp Pocono Trails is a non-competitive environment where having fun participating in a sport and doing your own personal best is more important than winning. So, even if your teen has not experienced an activity before this is the place to try something new. Maybe your teen has been inactive and is not in good physical condition. The supportive staff at Camp Pocono Trails wants to help your teen reach their physical fitness goals. The staff to camper ratio never exceeds 1:4. Instructors in aerobics classes and on the field know how to accommodate the level of intensity for all campers so that each camper can maximize their workout while avoiding risk of injury.

At summer camp, all the activities are optional and your teen will be able to choose from many different activities. One day your teen may choose to workout in the gym or play on a tennis court or basketball court. Another day he or she may want to go from fishing to relay swim races. Whatever combination of activities our campers select they will be staying active and discovering physical abilities that will lead to weight loss. Naturally, a boost in their self-confidence follows! Getting fit is fun and at Camp Pocono Trails our campers return home motivated to stay active!

We are better than a fat camp for teens and young adults in that our approach is positive in every aspect. We don’t call our campers “fat” or blame them for any physical issues. Instead, we focus on solutions as a results-oriented, positive weight loss program for teens and young adults.

If you are searching for a “fat camp” for teens and young adults, you will find no better alternative than Camp Pocono Trails. Most of our campers are overweight and need to start with the very basics of exercise and nutrition. However, some of our campers are more advanced physically, socially, and emotionally and simply need to learn how to manage healthy habits independently so that they can transfer successfully into adulthood.

It is our experience that campers leave “walking on air” because of the positive interactions they’ve had at camp. Consider this: what other experience could you pay for that will absolutely ensure your child will have corrective interactions that result in success. Certainly, you couldn’t do this on a vacation, or a contained environment like a cruise ship.  Even going to a regular camp your child is not guaranteed to form healthy habits.

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Camp Pocono Trails has a Technology Track for New Mexico Campers

The country’s leading a healthy habit camp is Camp Pocono Trails. Sending your New Mexico child off to high school or even young adulthood with healthy habits are one of the greatest gifts you can provide.

Certainly, healthy habits are needed now more than ever. Just consider the amount of screen time the average teenager engages in today. Studies have shown that teens spending 10 hours or more on social media or video games each day is becoming more and more the norm.

When you look around your teen’s bedroom is there technology everywhere? From Alexa, to iPhones, laptops to kindles, apple watches to Airpods, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4, VR, etc. In this technology era, today’s teens are more immersed in devices than any generation before. Though they are adept at using a wide range of devices, not all teens know how to balance technology and live a healthy lifestyle.

One main disruption technology causes in the bedroom is sleep deprivation. There are bad habits that form in this private space that leads to staying up late. For example, when your teen routinely falls asleep with the TV on or stays up late for midnight gaming sessions you may have some problems. When the cell phone buzzes late at night and your teen often finds the irrepressible urge to instantly respond, they may be sacrificing much-needed sleep.

New Mexico parents are investing in their teen and sending them to Camp Pocono Trails this summer. When technology use is not able to be controlled or restrained by your teen you may experience disruptions in school performance, relationships, weight gain, sleep deprivation, mood swings, hygiene, responsibilities, disorganized environment, etc. At Camp Pocono Trails your teen will get support and learn how to manage technology use.

At Camp Pocono Trails your teen will establish healthy habits that will replace the bad habits caused by technology overuse. Learning to unplug all devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime rituals is something they will do. Establishing healthy bedtime rituals to help their body calm down like taking hot showers or baths, reading a book, or reflecting in their journal. Campers will learn to avoid stimulants after dinner such as caffeine and sugars. When your teen returns home they will know how to create a bedroom environment that focuses on sleep.

By removing technology from the bedroom that disrupts sleep and relocating it to other rooms inside the house, your teen will be making smarter choices. Likewise, by using an old-fashioned alarm clock instead of a cell phone step-by-step your teen will replace bad habits with healthy habits. Campers will return home rested, rejuvenated, physically fit and with a new perspective about how technology fits into a healthy lifestyle!

New Mexico Teens Enjoy Resort Style Amenities at Weight Loss Camp

Deep within the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania there is a world-class summer camp awaiting your teen. New Mexico campers are welcomed by friendly, supportive staff and campers just like themselves who partake on an amazing journey together. They will be having the time of their lives this summer losing weight, making healthy lifestyle choices, and staying active.

When your teen arrives they will see the beautiful, sprawling campus on 350-acres of private mountain wilderness. Their cabin is situated alongside the private lake with boating, fishing, and swimming amenities. Inside the cabin your teen will have the best sleep they ever had at summer camp. Each camper gets their own bed with a comfortable mattress. There are no bunk beds! Cabins are spacious and limited to 6-8 campers. Join us this summer and experience the amazing transformation you will go through at Camp Pocono Trails!

Too Far? Come as a Family with our Optional Family Camp!

We don’t need research to tell us the weight loss family camp works.  It just makes intuitive sense. When you consider what is really needed to achieve long-lasting results, one can quickly see how a shift in family culture is necessary.

For example, it is much easier for a family to decide collectively to incorporate a walk after dinner or to take active vacations versus going on a cruise. As a group, we are much more likely to adhere to these cultural changes than as an individual. At our weight loss family camp, each individual family member will leave with the motivation, desire, and know-how to return home and be successful.

The group aspect of our weight loss family camp also takes the stigma off any one individual family member. For young campers especially, this is anxiety relieving knowing that the entire family is committed to change and no individual blame is being placed on the child. If you are interested in learning more about our weight loss family camp, please give us a call today at 1-800-365-0556.

New Mexico Weight Loss Camp Direction

Healthy People Initiative:

Healthy People provides science-based, 10-year national objectives for improving the health of all Americans. For 3 decades, Healthy People has established benchmarks and monitored progress over time in order to encourage collaborations across communities and sectors, empower individuals toward making informed health decisions, and measure the impact of prevention activities.

The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition:

The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition is an American government organization that aims to promote, encourage and motivate Americans of all ages to become physically active and participate in sports.


Go4Life is an exercise and physical activity campaign, from the National Institute on Aging at NIH, designed to help older adults fit exercise and physical activity into their daily life.


HealthFinder has resources on a wide range of health topics selected from over 1,600 government and non-profit organizations to bring you reliable health information.

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