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Looking for the best weight loss camp for your New Hampshire child?

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Check out our Tour Video to see why Camp Pocono Trails is the #1 weight loss camp choice for New Hampshire families.

Best Weight Loss Summer Camp for New Hampshire Teens: Camp Pocono Trails

Looknig for a weight loss camp for your New Hampshire adolescent, teen, or young adult? Look no further! Camp Pocono Trails promotes an active, healthy lifestyle and with over 101+ onsite activities on 350-private forested acres, they deliver! There is private lakefront access to swimming, boating, water skiing, and more. Other onsite features include obstacle courses, aerobic studios, and sports fields. At this camp there are two swimming pools, one is for boys and one is for girls. New Hampshire teens working to achieve their ideal weight can do that and have the most fun summer ever at Camp Pocono Trails.

Fat Camp vs. Weight Loss Camp

A “fat camp” in New Hampshire describes a summer camp experience for adolescents, teens, and young adults striving to get in shape and lose weight for good. Campers in attendance may be struggling with obesity, body image issues, or self-esteem concerns due to their weight. We chose to use the phrase “weight loss camp” over “fat camp” at Camp Pocono Trails. Calling a child “fat” can be hurtful and make the child rebel against the program. While we do use the term “fat camp” on this page, we are much better described as a weight loss program. Our program strives to be 100% positive in all aspects.

Our fat camp gets a lot of campers from New Hampshire. So many in fact that we made this page just for you! New Hampshire families find a home away from home at Camp Pocono Trails. Without a doubt your child will find other campers from New Hampshire and make fast friends. We accommodate campers from New Hampshire every year.

Weight Loss Camp Defined

A “weight loss camp” is a place where young New Hampshire people go to have fun, make new friends, and learn about health and fitness while losing weight. Many young people up through young adults may benefit from a weight loss camp. These camps work through a dedicated program of diet, exercise, and education. At Camp Pocono Trails we call our program a “weight loss camp” as opposed to a “fat camp.” This is because we believe framing the issue with positivity is more helpful than using a negative term like “fat camp.” While we do use the term on this page, we would never call a camper “fat” at our program. We even employ qualified therapists to work on self-esteem and positive body image at camp.

We love campers from New Hampshire at our fat camp. We are truly a fat camp for New Hampshire teens, adolescents, and young adults. We can help New Hampshire campers figure out transportation to our camp and ensure you feel right at home at Camp Pocono Trails!

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A Summer Weight Loss Camp for New Hampshire Families

Living in Moderation at Weight Loss Camp

There are no shortcuts to long term health. We teach campers how to set goals and take daily steps to achieve what they want in life. This goal-oriented philosophy goes for our weight loss component, our fitness component, and our technology overuse component.  Because it’s not realistic to just give up food, or to just give up your cell phone, we teach campers how to live in moderation.

We have such a warm and friendly environment here at Camp Pocono Trails. We create a loving environment just like home but with extra structure and support which helps establish long term weight control. If you are looking for a corrective experience to help reset your child’s healthy patterns, Camp Pocono Trails is it!

The key to overcoming setback and obstacles is perseverance. At Camp Pocono Trails learning to persevere is a skill set that all campers take home. Goal setting develops intrinsic motivation to change. Through insight-oriented group discussion led by licensed counselors, our campers become self-aware of the bad habits they need to kick. Our expert staff shows them the way. We help our campers identify what they want to achieve, and we help them to establish realistic steps to achieve their goals and works with campers on self esteem.

Parents seeking a camp to improve self-esteem find no better option than Camp Pocono Trails. We are a self-esteem building, healthy habit focused summer camp for adolescents, teens, families and young adults.

Top Teen Weight Loss Camp for New Hampshire Families

If you are a parent in this category, I have some great news. So far, we have never had a camper complete a 4-week session at Camp Pocono Trails and fail to experience at least some level of success. Our program is quite comprehensive. We utilize nutritionists, personal trainers, social workers, therapists, and even a psychologist to ensure that the program is implemented in the most professional manner possible.

New Hampshire Parents Pick Camp Pocono Trails

Weight Loss Camp for New Hampshire Campers

We can pick your child up at the Allentown, PA or Newark, NJ airport. We have many participante from New Hampshire come to camp every year.

Think about the adventure your child will have traveling out of New Hampshire to the beautiful Pocono Mountain range. Sometimes getting out of town and going away to make new friends and have new experiences is just what it takes to help change unhealthy habits.

At Camp Pocono Trails, we address everything from eating right to nutrition, exercise, and we even have a technology track for those teens spending too much time on their phones or video games.

Shy Campers Make Friends Fast at Weight Loss Camp!

If your child is nervous about attending camp, you’ve found the right camp for sure. We have a positive atmosphere filled with love and support. Every camper makes friends and is encouraged to support each-other. Professional staff like therapists and social workers ensure that campers get along with one another and that any homesickness issue is addressed head-on.

What about soft skills that children need to ensure a successful transition to adulthood? The schools do not teach these skills. This is where summer camp can provide additional learning opportunities and experiences that a school cannot. At Camp Pocono Trails, we pride ourselves in providing these types of experiences and learning opportunities for our campers.

Many campers come to us having been bullied or isolated at school. We create such a warm environment that making friends is super easy for even the most introverted camper. Every camper is rewarded for including others in activity and cheering each-other on.

At Camp Pocono Trails we say “Lets gooooo!” meaning we can all get up and get moving- for some that’s jogging, for other’s that just walking to keep up with the slower members of the group. But everyone starts somewhere at camp and is encouraged to work their hardest.

weight loss camp for teens

5 Tips for Setting and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

What a great opportunity the summer presents for adolescents and teens looking for a summer camp for weight loss. As parents, we know the value of summer camp. Sometimes there are just certain issues that as parents we can only go so far with.

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