Best Weight Loss Camp for New Hampshire Families!

Looking for the best weight loss camp for your New Hampshire child?

New Hampshire Fat Camp? We Got Something Better!

Looking for a New Hampshire fat camp or weight loss camp? Camp Pocono Trails is a family owned and operated summer camp in Pennsylvania serving NH kids and young adults. Since 1992, the Sparbers have provided a world-class resort style camp for teenagers across the nation. Their aim is to support the healthy lifestyle choices of teens who want to lose weight, have fun, and feel great! New Hampshire teens return home with healthy lifestyle habits.

This camp is an improvement over other summer camps geared towards teen weight loss for several reasons. First of all, it is not a fat camp. It does not believe in serving prepackaged special foods that are prepared for weight loss. At Camp Pocono Trails, there is a nutrition and diet program that is run by a licensed dietician. Our campers eat real wholesome food that is prepared in a healthy way.

This summer camp is special because the staff is dedicated and they believe in what they do. Since the staff is valued and hand picked they often return. Many of the staff has been with Camp Pocono Trails for more than ten years, whereas staff turnover is prevalent among corporate run summer camps. In addition, the personalized attention and management of Tony and Dale Sparber are evident in all aspects of the quality this program provides. Unlike corporate summer camps that are managed by a team off-site, the Sparbers are available for campers and their families every day, all summer long.
The care and experience of the owners and staff is what makes Camp Pocono Trails the best!

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New Hampshire Teens Find Restful Respite From Cell Phone Addiction at Summer Camp

Like teenagers around the world, so many New Hampshire teens have electronic bedrooms. This is the first generation of teens to be immersed in the era of technology. In a typical teen’s bedroom they may have several devices like an Xbox, a laptop or computer, an iPhone, tablet, Kindle, television, and virtual reality just to name a few. It’s no wonder that sleep deprivation is a common problem for teens that overuse technology.

Dangerously, lack of daily restful sleep is very detrimental to a teenagers overall health. Medical issues like obesity, depression, lack of mental awareness, and other psychological effects can accompany a chronically tired teen. Worse even is the inability to cope with the daily responsibilities of school and it can also harm personal relationships.

Camp Pocono Trails knows that sleep is an important part of the day. For active, healthy teens it is a necessity. When New Hampshire teens show up to camp on their first day they are pleasantly surprised. Their cabins are set-up to achieve rest and comfort. Unlike other summer camps these cabins do not have bunk beds. Every camper is treated to their own bed with a quality mattress in a spacious cabin. Also, cabins are not overcrowded since only 6-8 campers reside in any cabin at a time. Send your teen to Camp Pocono Trails this summer and let your camper enjoy the sleep their body longs for.

Water Sports Attract New Hampshire Teens to Weight Loss Camp

A great attraction at Camp Pocono Trails is the beautiful lake that campers have private access to. A boat dock is available for all teens to embark on many lake adventures. Water sports like skiing, kayaking and swimming are always available.

In addition to a private lake, campers enjoy two swimming pools. One pool is for girls and the other is for boys. Activities like water aerobics, water polo, relay races, and freestyle swimming are all available.

This summer give the gift of healthy living to your teen and let them enjoy the beauty of the Poconos Mountains at Camp Pocono Trails! They will lose weight and feel great!