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Montana Teen Weight Loss Camp: Ready to Get Active?

Many families looking for a Montana Weight Loss Camp come to us. We offer the best teens and young adults weight loss camp in the country here at Camp Pocono Trails. We are a summer paradise for teens and young adults located on a spectacular 350-acre lakefront resort.

Teens and young adults at our summer weight loss camp participate in a wide array of over 100 fun and engaging activities that teens and young adults love. From fishing to rock climbing and from jet skis to golf, there is something here at Camp Pocono Trails for every adolescent, teen, or young adult male to enjoy.

At our  weight loss camp, we strive to match participants with activities they will want to do when they go back home. We even offer activities to build self-esteem such as self-esteem focus therapy groups and outgoing activities like drama. If you are looking for a  weight loss camp, you will find no better option than Camp Pocono Trails.

For large camp activities, boys and girls will participate together. One great aspect of our  weight loss camp is that campers form friendships very quickly in a supportive and nurturing environment. Teens and young adults from all across the country quickly bond in our atmosphere of 100% positivity.

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Camp Pocono Trails Weight Loss Camp Supports Montana Campers!

This summer the renowned Camp Pocono Trails run by Tony and Dale Sparber in Pennsylvania is adding a new program to address technology overuse by teens. Montana teens are attracted to this new addition.

In this new era of technology, a device is easily accessed by the typical teenager. When technology overuse creates health issues then you need to consider the support they will receive at Camp Pocono Trails. Some of the health issues that teenagers experience because of technology overuse include unhealthy weight gain, sleep deprivation, avoidance of responsibilities like chores or hygiene, a decrease in school performance. As a parent, you must step in. Teens today are using technology more than any generation before and usually, they have not learned the skills to manage it.

The professionals at Camp Pocono trails will teach your teens to be task-oriented and to be mindful of their time management. Setting limits about appropriate times to play online, and making careful choices about the media we choose to see are some of the technology issues addressed at Camp Pocono Trails. Setting priorities and goals about the important things we want to accomplish in life like earning scholarships, achieving the honor roll, going to college are other skills your teen will gain at summer camp. Invest in Pocono Trails this summer and when you reunite with your teen get ready to celebrate the healthy transformation!

Montana Teens Love Camping in Comfort at Camp Pocono Trails

Nutrition classes and culinary skills are taught at Camp Pocono Trails. Campers leave learning that they can be in control of how food tastes based on how food is cooked or spices and sauces used. Campers have even learned to like broccoli or Brussel sprouts which they may not have enjoyed before camp. Campers learn they are in control of the taste of food, which is the first step in changing their relationship with healthy foods.

One of the most important aspects of our weight loss program for teens is that we teach campers how to come back after a setback in healthy behaviors. To truly be a weight controller, one needs to learn how to manage life setbacks and get back on track after having a bad day.

One way we do this is by creating an overall positive atmosphere. At camp, we link our interventions with positivity. Because acceptance is critical to the weight loss process, we address camper self-esteem with professional therapists and teach our campers how to cope with life’s issues using strategies other than self-soothing through eating. Give us a call today at 1-800-365-0556 to discuss your teenager’s long-term health.

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