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Looking for the best weight loss camp for your Mississippi child?

Amazing Transformations at Mississippi Teen Weight Loss Camp

Welcome to Camp Pocono Trails, the leading health and fitness camp anywhere. Health and fitness are more important than ever for adolescents, teens, and young adults. As recently as even 30 years ago, health and fitness wasn’t a major concern for most young people. If you look at photos and movies from the ’70s and earlier, most people were reasonably fit.

Screen Time Adds to Need for Increased Health and Fitness

Our society is now faced with the notion of unlimited screen time. Even as recently as in the 1980s, most TV stations shut off at night. Now, adolescents and teens get unlimited TV around the clock, not to mention internet access which never goes dark.

When you combine an abundance of unhealthy foods available, larger than life portion sizes, along with limitless screen time- it’s a recipe for disaster.

This summer join other Mississippi families and send your teen to Camp Pocono Trails weight loss camp in Pennsylvania. Discover why campers from all around the country travel to this special summer camp in the Poconos Mountains. Each camper attends daily classes that will prepare them with skills to make better lifestyle changes. Reading nutritional labels and learning how to prepare healthy meals are some of the skills your camper will come home with. For example, instead of fried chicken your teen will eat grilled chicken with side servings of fruits and vegetables that are available at every meal. In addition, your teen will discover that healthy portions are just as satisfying when the quality of food improves.

Conversations with new friends about how to change the way they think about themselves will improve their self-esteem. For instance, when your teen looks in the mirror, what your teen chooses to say about himself is part of learning to accept who he is. We support our campers in developing healthy self-images and help them to accept what they see in their reflection. Our campers come to lose weight, but they leave with so much more. At Camp Pocono Trails it’s not just about hearing stories on how much weight a camper lost. Our campers will soon realize that the transformation that happened here was so much greater than that. New friends, great memories, and lifestyle changes will help jump start our campers’ weight loss journey and help them to continue on the right path when they return home.

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The Summer Camp At Pocono Trails Promotes Healthy Technology Habits

Another benefit of the summer camp for weight loss is meeting new people with similar issues. For example, many of our camper’s struggle with screen time. Some are very much into video games, smartphone apps, or browsing the internet. As a result, opportunities for sports have passed and their athletic ability is not on par with their school peers.

Another advantage of a summer camp for weight loss is building a sense of independence. As parents, our job is to provide the skills necessary for our children to be successful once they hit the age of independence. Giving your child the chance to attend summer camp for weight loss helps them explore their own interests and their own physical outlet at a pace where they won’t be made fun of or bullied.

Now that The World Health Organization has classified gaming addiction as a disorder, many professionals are questioning if you can truly be addicted to activity. Regardless of terminology, if your teenager is using their smart phone or gaming to the point that it’s causing stress in the family, then it’s a problem. At Camp Pocono Trails we help Mississippi teens change their harmful technology habits. So whether your child is on their smart phone for 2-hours a day or 12, we can help them to refocus on healthy habits.

Often times with teens change can be painful and can feel drastic. So instead of focusing on what they are losing, it can be beneficial to help your teen see what healthy habits they are gaining. At Camp Pocono Trails, we accomplish this by promoting change in a culture of positivity and peer support.

Mississippi Teens Discover Success With Physical Fitness at Camp Pocono Trails

At Camp Pocono Trails, we create an atmosphere of positivity. Our campers leave happy and well-adjusted ready to return to their school and try sports they might not have once considered. Our counselors encourage our campers to do things on their own. Campers learn the importance of nutrition and even how to cook healthy meals independently.

At Camp Pocono Trails reinvestment into the facilities happens year after year to provide campers with a wide range of activities. Often our campers come here to try these activities for the first time. When you send your Mississippi teen to Camp Pocono Trails you are giving them a gift of hope. They will have every opportunity to try new types of exercise, improve their fitness skills, and gain confidence in order to continue with exercise at home.

There is a 1:4 ratio of staff to campers at Camp Pocono Trails. All the campers are supported and guided by experts in their field. They know how to modify routines to adjust to your teen’s comfort level. Our campers are eased into the fitness program. As campers increase their activity level every day they grow stronger and are more capable of tackling more difficult physical challenges.

Mississippi campers will discover a wide range of fun activities at Camp Pocono Trails. Here is just a sampling of the types of exercise offered here. They can choose Zumba, kick boxing, boot camp to build strength, high intensity interval training, mixed martial arts, running, and supervised strength training in the gym. There is so much more. Come to Camp Pocono Trails and discover it for yourself!

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What a great opportunity the summer presents for adolescents and teens looking for a summer camp for weight loss. As parents, we know the value of summer camp. Sometimes there are just certain issues that as parents we can only go so far with.

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