Best Weight Loss Camp for Minnesota Families!

Looking for the best weight loss camp for your Minnesota child?

Minnesota Teen Weight Loss Summer Camp at Camp Pocono Trails!

Many Minnesota parents discover a great value in sending their teens to Camp Pocono Trails weight loss camp in Pennsylvania. This summer invest in your teen and support them in breaking away from bad technology habits. At Camp Pocono Trails your teen will experience a traditional summer camp with resort-style amenities.

At a health camp for kids, your child can learn that being away from screen time is not only possible but can be quiet empowering. Campers at our health camp for kids learn how to develop a sense of responsibility for their own outcomes in life. Many campers come to us feeling overwhelmed that they can’t change their social situation or that they cannot manage their weight.

Our campers learn how to take responsibility and manage their own health and well-being. An exciting process we see at camp is when a camper learns a new recipe or discovers a new physical activity and then express that they can’t wait to go home and share this with their family.

What sets Camp Pocono Trails apart from the other health camps for kids is that we focus on the transition home from the very beginning. We hear from camper’s years later that this experience made a significant positive change in their life. In fact, many of our campers come back to work as counselors so they can share this significant change with others.

In our fast-paced modern world many teens are hooked on video games, social media, and cell phones. To break free from bad habits sometimes teens need to go somewhere where the environment is completely different. This summer your teen can discover Camp Pocono Trails and find more than 101+ activities to foster an active healthy lifestyle. The wilderness in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania is a great place for your teen to discover a healthy lifestyle.

Distractions from cell phones and technology devices pull our teens away from special moments that foster family bonds. Help your teen discover how important it is to slow down and spend undivided time building friendships that are face-to-face. Surround your teen with laughter and smiles in the supportive environment at Camp Pocono Trails where every Friday night they will be invited to join their new friends and celebrate the triumphs they made in establishing healthy habits. If your teen is more connected to their devices than to real, meaningful relationships, consider how Camp Pocono Trails can bring out the best in your teen. Invest in your teen this summer and help them discover the adventures awaiting them at Camp Pocono Trails.

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Minnesota Teen Weight Loss is What Camp Pocono Trails is All About

Minnesota parents are getting tremendous value by sending their teens to Camp Pocono Trails. Have fun, losing weight, and aiming to achieve the best you can be is what your teen will discover in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania this summer. Camp Pocono Trails is accredited by the American Camp Association. Being ACA accredited is an important distinction that means this camp has exceeded expectations with more than 25 prerequisite health and safety standards.

This is in addition to more than 40 other standards in 10 operational areas that provide safety for campers that join them from Minnesota and other parts of the country. With ACA accreditation parents are assured a measurement of standard practice that includes best practices and exceeds the state’s basic licensing requirements. If you are looking to see improvements in your teens overall health, this is the safest place to do it!

Our camp is designed to be a self-esteem boosting experience. Your child is not only going to learn about nutrition and culinary skills, but they will also have the experience of participating in a wide range of sports and activities to burn calories and keep in control of their weight. When your child leaves Camp Pocono Trails, they will be weight controllers and know that their health and wellness is based on daily decisions.

Until the Camp Pocono Trails experience, many campers have fallen into unhealthy habits of over-eating, inactivity, and online time-wasting. If your child is interested in improving social skills or limiting their video game or online use, we can address these issues with our proven curriculum.

While campers will lose weight and feel great this summer, this is not a fat camp. This camp does not support fad diets, deprivation or clinical helps in a school-like atmosphere. Your teen will discover that by making smarter choices they can achieve a healthy body. At Camp Pocono Trails your teen will become more conscious about portion sizes, and reading nutrition labels. Your teen will discover new activities to stay physically fit and have fun doing it!

A Traditional Camp Experience Awaits Your Minnesota Teen at Camp Pocono Trails

Today, unhealthy food choices are everywhere and serving sizes have expanded greater than ever before. Take Coca-Cola for example, where the only serving size used to be a meager 6 oz.

Today, we can go to a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant and order a small Coke which is 12 oz, double the size of the largest and only size of Coke back in the 50s. It is easy to see that the food industry has tapped into the fact that we are naturally attracted to salt, fat, and sweets. Because the cost of a large order of fries over a small order of fries is mere pennies for the manufacturer, they are incentivized to give us more unhealthy food to create profits.  It may seem like a good deal to “super-size” your fast food order for mere pocket change, but how good of deal are you really getting when that high-caloric density food causes health problems?

With over 350-acres of private mountain wilderness there is no end to the fun your teen will experience in Pennsylvania this summer. Everything from zip-lining to a climbing wall, boating to fishing, yoga to aerobics, golf to tennis, cooking classes to nutritional instruction, all of this and so much more is available at Camp Pocono Trails. Since 1992 Tony and Dale Sparber have dedicated their lives to making Camp Pocono Trails the best camp experience for their campers. Every year they reinvest in improving and increasing their amenities.

Campers will sleep in comfort in spacious cabins that are located near the camp’s private lake. Inside the cabins all campers get their own bed. There are no bunk beds!! They will also have a soft, comfortable mattress inside a cabin that limits it size to 6-8 campers. Your teen will experience the deepest sleep and most relaxing experience they ever had. After a fun-filled day of physical activities and good food there is no better place than relaxing in your cabin with the new friends you make here.

Minnesota Weight Loss Camp First Steps provides easy access to food and nutrition information from across the Federal Government. It serves as a gateway to reliable information on nutrition, healthy eating, physical activity, and food safety for consumers.

Nutrition: Strategies and Resources:

The CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity provides nutrition strategies and resources for state and local programs to make healthy living easier for all Americans.

U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Team Nutrition:

Team Nutrition is an initiative of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service to support the Child Nutrition Programs through training and technical assistance for food service, nutrition education for children and their caregivers, and school and community support for healthy eating and physical activity.

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