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Looking for the best weight loss camp for your Colorado child?

Colorado Teen Weight Loss Camp! Have Fun and Make New Friends at Pocono Trails

If you are looking for the best fitness camp for your Colorado adolescent, teen, or even young adult you have found it here at Camp Pocono Trails. We are a leader in the fitness and health transformation industry. Located in a resort-like setting in the Poconos, we are a fitness summer camp that introduces campers to a wide variety of sports and activities.

Additionally, we employ a large number of nutritionists along with personal trainers and counseling professionals who work with each camper individually to ensure their fitness goals are met. One of the best aspects of enrolling your child in a fitness summer camp is that your child will be matched with a variety of activities they may have never been exposed to before.

Friends, fun, sunshine, and self-transformation await them in the Poconos Mountains. The allure of the Poconos Mountains with forested peaks, lakes and valleys in northeastern Pennsylvania is home to Camp Pocono Trails. This is a new image camp for teens.

Boat launches, swimming, kayaking, skiing, and jet skis are among the many activities that teenagers will flock to along the private lakefront access at this summer camp. In the water or in the wilderness Camp Pocono Trails is hopping with activity. Colorado teens are trying out the ropes course, football, lacrosse, and everything a sports fan could dream of. Teens come here to stay active and they will have the time of their life doing it here at Camp Pocono Trails.

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Camp Pocono Trails Weight Loss Camp for Colorado Teens!

Going away to Summer Camp far from home is an adventure and provides a learning experience for your child. Campers tell us that flying by themselves for the first time made them more confident and ready to explore the world.

We pick up from several airports and have a system that ensures your child’s safety. When you consider the cost of doing nothing or the cost of sending your child to a lower quality weight loss camp near me but having a poor experience, there really is no comparison.

As parents, we can certainly see the inevitable if we don’t intervene in the best way possible. We know statistically our child will face social, economic, and certainly physical challenges if their weight, self-esteem, or online activities are not under control when they reach independence. This is an almost certainty.

Comparatively, the potential downsides of sending your child to a high-quality, professional setting like Camp Pocono Trails are quite limited. As parents, it’s in our nature to worry about our children.  Keep in mind that while we may not be the closest camp, we are American Camp Association accredited, run by trained and licensed professionals (including therapists and nurses), and as a team, we are a highly capable program that will ensure the safety and the best help of your child that money can buy.

Ask an adult about their teenage memories and they will likely share experiences that are quite different than how our teens are growing up today. There is no denying that today’s youth has less outdoor experience than generations before. Colorado teens will find peace in the natural surroundings of Camp Pocono Trails. This is a place where they can remove themselves from their technology devices and focus on their physical well-being.

At Camp Pocono Trails, we can help our campers have the best experience at getting fit and staying active. If they suffer from anxiety, withdrawal, or low self-esteem we can bring out the best in your teen. At this camp they will be invited to the party and all the fun! They will make friends and discover new things about themselves that they never knew before. The opportunity to try new activities and make friends is endless. The fun happens all day long and all summer long!

Camp Pocono Trails Helps Colorado Teens Tackle Obstacles

One important distinction we make is that we are not a fat camp. Our activities are designed to be fun yet effective to promoting weight loss. Our meals are prepared in a healthy way and they are delicious and satisfying. While our meals provide optimal nutrition we also promote healthy portions and an active lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight and self-image. Campers at Pocono Trails will gain healthy habits and new skills that are taught so that they will return home equipped to continue with their success.

Sometimes, parents reach out to us at Camp Pocono Trails because they are searching for a teen fat camp. We pride ourselves in being the top weight loss camp in the country.

The difference between a teen fat camp and our program is that we strive to create a positive atmosphere and never shame our campers. In that respect, you will never hear us use the term, “teen fat camp.” We are better than any teen fat camp in that we create success with our campers in a positive manner and inspire and motivate them to continue what they’ve learned at camp back at home.

At a health and wellness camp like Camp Pocono Trails, we provide all the nutrition skills and physical activity that you would expect. The difference is that we also treat the psychological aspects that may be behind the weight gain. In this respect, we would never refer to our campers as “fat” or that we are a “fat camp for teens.”

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New Image Camp in Poconos Helps Colorado Teens Achieve Long-Term Goals

Perseverance is the key to achieving long term goals, and Camp Pocono Trails our campers learn the skills that are necessary to overcome setbacks and obstacles on their self-improvement journey.

Among many campers technology overuse coincides with unhealthy weight issues. For an inactive gamer, one example of a long-term goal might be running their first 5k in the next few months. Another example might be to hike to the top of a local mountain. These are both challenging goals but ultimately this camper wants to achieve the physical fitness to achieve these goals. Also, they want to maintain the stamina to follow through with daily commitments that build toward achieving these goals. This gamer is going to have to change their habits by placing more time and effort in staying fit instead of slouching on the couch next to the nearest technology device. Learning to sacrifice preferential behaviors for healthy habits is an essential part of the journey.

In gaming, there is always a goal and a map or path to get there and for chronic gamers it is helpful for your teen to make this natural connection. Help teenagers see that, for example, in order to run a 5k by June we are going to start walking a mile every night for the first month. Then we will increase the difficulty from walking to running a mile next month, and so on, and so on, until they complete their goal. Campers at Camp Pocono Trails learn perseverance because through practice, guidance, and support they learn that the positive self-talk that, “If I can be a little bit better today than I was yesterday, then by the end of the summer I can be amazing!” By gradually increasing the difficulty of the incremental steps it takes to reach the goal, campers at Camp Pocono Trails learn how to achieve big goals!

These skills transfer to graduating from college, buying a car, a home, and any other big goal your teenager will want to achieve in the coming years.

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