Best Weight Loss Camp for Wyoming Families!

Looking for the best weight loss camp for your Wyoming child?

Need a Wyoming Weight Loss Camp? Check Out Camp Pocono Trails!

Wyoming has few if any weight loss camp options, or options for video game addiction. The renowned Camp Pocono Trails in Pennsylvania is proud to offer its Wyoming campers the Summerland Program. For the first time summer campers will experience how to achieve balance with technology. The new Summerland Program is specially designed for teens who struggle with digital overuse behaviors including coexisting issues like internet addiction, patterns of family and relational discord, sleep deprivation, weight gain and other consequences of unhealthy technology usage.

We can pick your child up at the Allentown, PA or Newark, NJ airport. Think about the adventure your child will have traveling out of state to the beautiful Pocono Mountain range. Sometimes getting out of town and going away to make new friends and have new experiences is just what it takes to help change unhealthy habits.

At Camp Pocono Trails, we address everything from eating right to nutrition, exercise, and we even have a technology track for those teens spending too much time on their phones or video games.

There are no Strangers at Weight Loss Camp, Just Friends You’ve Not Met!

If your child is nervous about attending camp, you’ve found the right camp for sure. We have a positive atmosphere filled with love and support. Every camper makes friends and is encouraged to support each-other. Professional staff like therapists and social workers ensure that campers get along with one another and that any homesickness issue is addressed head-on.

Family Camp Option

Nervous about sending your child out of state? Attend our Family Camp and the entire family can build new healthy habits!

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Wyoming Teens Find Success at Weight Loss Camp in the Poconos

Your Wyoming teen can experience the ultimate adventure at Camp Pocono Trails while gaining healthy lifestyle habits that they will continue at home. At the heart of the success of this renowned summer camp is the structured environment that is provided for teenagers. Why? The structure that is built into Camp Pocono Trails is so important to the success of Wyoming teens striving for transformational results in their weight loss. It promotes healthy habits and healthy change.

Our campers at Camp Pocono Trails can expect that the majority of activities they choose to join are grouped by age and boys/girls. However, there are times when co-ed and group sports are encouraged. In addition, all of the evening programs, dining, and Friday night dances are co-ed.

Physical activity is scheduled throughout the days on Monday through Saturday. Campers can have fun choosing among the many different activities available at the 350-acre private camp. There are seriously 101+ ways that you can have fun here. We offer field hockey, water polo, aqua basketball, tug-of-war, track and field events, capture the flag, archery, etc. We also boast private lakeside access for swimming, kayaking and more.

From Trips to Broadway to White Water Rafting Wyoming Teens Love Summer Camp Excursions

Camp Pocono Trails features very special off site trips that will enhance your Wyoming teen’s summer camp experience like no other! The range of trips includes many places like theme parks, white water rafting, paintball, Camel Beach, and Broadway Shows. These trips are sure to make this a summer your teenager will never forget. During the end of summer our campers look forward to the infamous “End of Summer Mall Shopping Trip!” What better way to celebrate their new image by returning to school looking better than ever and sporting the latest fashion trends of their generation. It should be noted that these excursions are offered once a week and they are optional. Also, some additional fees may apply.

Wyoming Teens Love Camp Pocono Trails

At Camp Pocono Trails, Wyoming campers will discover that weight loss is not the goal they’re striving for. How about dedicating this summer to making a lasting lifestyle change that maintains healthy weight?

If your teen struggles with self-esteem issues that pop-up because of their weight then send them to Camp Pocono Trails. At this camp, they will battle self-esteem issues and weight loss. It’s not a battle they will fight alone! They will make so many new friends and supportive staff who will lift them up and support them on this incredible journey.

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