Best Weight Loss Camp for West Virginia Families!

Looking for the best weight loss camp for your West Virginia child?

Trying to Find a West Virginia Weight Loss or Healthy Living Camp?

West Virginia parents are choosing to send their teens to the renowned Camp Poconos Trails weight loss camp in Poconos, Pennsylvania. Camp Pocono Trails is has earned its reputation as a quality summer camp for teen weight loss. First and foremost, it’s a summer camp where your teen is going to have the most fun they’ve ever had.

We’ve often found that technology overuse goes hand-in-hand with weight gain. As a parent of a teen who overuses technology you may be questioning the value of sending your teen away to summer camp. Considering the following circumstances may help you to make a decision. If your teen is often sneaking the use of their device or video games and defying the limits that you set you should be concerned. You should also be concerned if when left alone your teen is playing online and neglecting their homework and other responsibilities. You should especially be concerned if ignoring face-to-face social situations is habitual. In this case, turning to online social networks instead of making real friends often occurs.

Let’s face it, our teenagers are living in the age of technology and they have not been taught strategies to manage them. At Camp Pocono Trails your teen will return home with healthy habits, knowledge, and a skill-set to better manage their devices and lead productive lives.

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This year we proudly introduce the Summerland Program to support teens. We want to help them tackle their bad habits with technology. Camp Pocono Trails is supporting technology overuse because scientific statistical evidence shows that teens need help in this area. Science Daily reports that female college campers are likely to spend 62% of waking hours on smart phones while males will spend 50%. Another statistic published by Reuters claims that 46% of college campers graduate. Their findings indicate that “not being prepared” and “inability to cope” are the leading reasons why 64% of U.S. college campers are failing across the nation. Another startling statistic from the journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine shares that gamers (teens that overuse technology) spend 34% less time on homework than non-gamers.

Camp Pocono Trails Brings the Comforts of Resort Living to Summer Weight Loss Camp

West Virginia teens are going to live in comfort while camping in the beauty of the Pocono Mountain region this summer. You might be thinking, how can camping and comfort possibly be accomplished? It happens when you replace bunk beds with an individual bed for each camper and comfortable mattresses. Also, we commit to not overcrowding our cabins. Our limit is 8-teens per cabin. Typically campers are grouped by age and length of stay so your closest friendships tend to develop in these quarters. With a commitment to providing spacious living quarters, these cabins make sweet dreams for teens.

Safety Is Paramount at Camp Pocono Trails

At Camp Pocono Trails, we care about our campers and the families we serve. Our campus on 350-acres is private and we have 24-hour security. We do not share our campus, facilities, or lake with any outside group. In addition, we have full medical staff and there are at least 4-5 registered nurses on-site at all times. Camp Pocono Trails has an on-site infirmary operating 24/7 to meet all the health issues that our campers may have.

Our diet and nutrition program is run by a licensed dietician. Also, we hire licensed counselors and social workers to provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for campers who want this option. In every aspect of our program only the best, hand-picked professional experts lead our campers in their weight loss transformation. Finally, your camper is going to receive personalized attention here and we offer a 1:4 staff to camper ratio.

Finally, you can rest assured that Camp Pocono Trails is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA).