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Looking for weight loss camp in Virginia Beach?

If you are looking for weight loss camp in Virginia Beach, you have found the best weight loss camp anywhere!  We are located in the Poconos in PA, just outside of New York City.  However, we serve so many campers from Virginia Beach that are looking for weight loss camp that we created a webpage just for customers from Virginia Beach.

As a parent looking for weight loss camp for your child, family, or yourself, we’d love to hear from you.  You can check out our video tour here.

Help in Finding weight loss camp for Virginia Beach Residents

At Camp Pocono Trails, we are the top health and fitness program in the United States. We serve campers from all over including Virginia Beach.  Our program has been around for over 20 years serving Virginia Beach families and we are fully American Camp Association (ACA) accredited.

Our program is located on 350 spectacular acres with over 100 activities.

Teen Summer Weight Loss & Health Camp Virginia Families Love!

Looking for a VA weight loss camp? Less than a 4-hour drive away your teenager can experience the ultimate adventure at Camp Pocono Trails in northeast Pennsylvania. At the heart of the success of this renowned summer camp is the structured environment they provide these teenagers. Why? The structure that is built into Camp Pocono Trails is so important to the success of Virginia teens striving for transformational results in their weight loss. It promotes healthy habits and healthy change. Our campers at Camp Pocono Trails can expect that the majority of activities they choose to join are grouped by age and boys/girls.  However, there are times when co-ed and group sports are encouraged. In addition, all of the evening programs, dining, and Friday night dances are co-ed.

Physical activity is scheduled throughout the days on Monday through Saturday. Campers can have fun choosing among the many different activities available at the 350-acre private camp. There are more than 101+ ways that you can have fun here. We offer field hockey, water polo, aqua basketball, tug-of-war, track and field events, capture the flag, archery, etc. We also boast private lakeside access for swimming, kayaking and more.

Our campers look forward to Sundays. These are special days and campers are rewarded by a different schedule and late wake-up. Campers will weigh in and participate in an all-camp afternoon activity.

Health and Wellness Camp for Virginia Beach Residents

We can pick you up from the Allentown, PA airport.

Summer Camp Activities

Fishing and ropes courses tend to be among the most popular activities for boys while other boys enjoy sports and aquatics. Some boys, however, gravitate to theatre and dance. No one at Camp Pocono Trails is judgmental- everyone is encouraged to try their best at all activities no matter what they are.

Better Alternative than a “Fat Camp for Girls and Boys”

While a “fat camp” sounds like a good idea, the term we prefer is a “health and fitness camp for girls and boys.” It is true that childhood obesity has reached epidemic rates in the United States while at the same time, girls are bombarded with media images of the ideal female body. Often, these images are simply unrealistic.

It is very important that when addressing your daughter’s weight loss issues, that we frame the intervention in a positive manner. This is why we don’t use the term “fat camp for girls” but instead focus on health, self-esteem, and overall well-being.

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