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Looking for weight loss camp in Newark?

If you are looking for weight loss camp in Newark, you have found the best weight loss camp anywhere!  We are located in the Poconos in PA, just outside of New York City.  However, we serve so many campers from Newark that are looking for weight loss camp that we created a webpage just for customers from Newark.

As a parent looking for weight loss camp for your child, family, or yourself, we’d love to hear from you.  You can check out our video tour here.

Help in Finding weight loss camp for Newark Residents

At Camp Pocono Trails, we are the top health and fitness program in the United States. We serve campers from all over including Newark.  Our program has been around for over 20 years serving Newark families and we are fully American Camp Association (ACA) accredited.

Our program is located on 350 spectacular acres with over 100 activities.

Health and Wellness Camp for Newark Residents

We can pick you up from the Allentown, PA airport.

New Jersey Weight Loss Camp Solution: Camp Pocono Trails

Looking for the best weight loss camp in New Jersey?  While located close to New Jersey, at Camp Pocono Trails, New Jersey Teens are investing in developing the skills they need to succeed. Regardless of the focus of the camp: weight management, tech addiction, or behavioral issues, we’ve all noticed that therapeutic based programs seem to help bring focus into many areas of the campers life. Our licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) counselors and social workers will address any issue that relates to your teen’s journey to improving their self-image.

Weight Loss Camp Benefits

One benefit of the summer camp for weight loss is meeting new people with similar issues. For example, many of our camper’s struggle with screen time. Some are very much into video games, smartphone apps, or browsing the internet. As a result, opportunities for sports have passed and their athletic ability is not on par with their school peers.

Another advantage of a summer camp for weight loss is building a sense of independence. As parents, our job is to provide the skills necessary for our children to be successful once they hit the age of independence. Giving your child the chance to attend summer camp for weight loss helps them explore their own interests and their own physical outlet at a pace where they won’t be made fun of or bullied.

As parents, our knee-jerk reaction is often to police our children’s food intake or screen use.  We must always keep in mind that we are preparing our children for independence and that we will not always be there to monitor their behaviors. As a result, a summer camp for weight loss should always include lessons as to why we are making these changes. We should also teach our children the value they will gain by sticking to these new routines.

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