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Teen Summer Weight Loss & Health Camp Virginia Families Love!

Looking for a VA weight loss camp? Less than a 4-hour drive away your teenager can experience the ultimate adventure at Camp Pocono Trails in northeast Pennsylvania. At the heart of the success of this renowned summer camp is the structured environment they provide these teenagers. Why? The structure that is built into Camp Pocono Trails is so important to the success of Virginia teens striving for transformational results in their weight loss. It promotes healthy habits and healthy change. Our campers at Camp Pocono Trails can expect that the majority of activities they choose to join are grouped by age and boys/girls. However, there are times when co-ed and group sports are encouraged. In addition, all of the evening programs, dining, and Friday night dances are co-ed.

Physical activity is scheduled throughout the days on Monday through Saturday. Campers can have fun choosing among the many different activities available at the 350-acre private camp. There are more than 101+ ways that you can have fun here. We offer field hockey, water polo, aqua basketball, tug-of-war, track and field events, capture the flag, archery, etc. We also boast private lakeside access for swimming, kayaking and more.

Our campers look forward to Sundays. These are special days and campers are rewarded by a different schedule and late wake-up. Campers will weigh in and participate in an all-camp afternoon activity.

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Camp Pocono Trails Helps Virginia Teens Stop Screen-Sleep Deprivation

Virginia teens are going to live in comfort while camping in the beauty of the Pocono Mountain region this summer. You might be thinking, how can camping and comfort possibly be accomplished? It happens when you replace bunk beds with an individual bed for each camper and comfortable mattresses. Also, we commit to not overcrowding our cabins. Our limit is 8-teens per cabin. Typically campers are grouped by age and length of stay so your closest friendships tend to develop in these quarters. With a commitment to providing spacious living quarters, these cabins make sweet dreams for teens.aWelcome to the technology era where our youth have unlimited access to technology devices. A mobile phone, laptop, tablet, gaming devices, television, virtual reality are just some of the devices are teens use daily. Many of these devices are being used in the privacy of their bedroom where the importance of sleep is replaced by the constant stimulation of technology. When teenagers have unlimited access to these devices and structured time for usage has not been established it can be very harmful to their health. One area in particular that teens suffer is sleep deprivation. When they do not get adequate sleep as a result of device overuse there can be serious consequences.

In 2015, The National Sleep Foundation reported 90% of teens across the nation have at least one electronic device in their sleep environment. Sadly, it only takes one device that is overused to wreak havoc on healthy sleep patterns. It is undeniable that any device in the bedroom allows our teens more access to screen time. As a ripple effect, bad habits begin to permeate like falling asleep with the TV on or late night gaming sessions.

Cell phones are equally as disruptive with some teens staying up all night texting or chatting on social media. Here is a disturbing thought, even if your teen is not using their phone during sleep hours, the lights or sounds they make (buzzing, notification bells, etc.) can disrupt their sleep patterns.

The consequences of prolonged disrupted sleep are severe and especially so for teens. Bodily functions including body temperature and hormone release, growth, mood swings, behavior issues, attendance at school, focus at school are just to name a few of the negative results of teens not sleeping enough. The American Sleep Association is currently researching the link between ADHD and sleep disorders.

The good news is that Camp Pocono Trails provides and teaches your teen how to replace these bad habits. The structure in our schedule promotes a regular bedtime routine and hours of screen free time daily. In addition, our healthy approach to nutrition eliminates sugars and caffeine before bedtime. The active lifestyle that Camp Pocono Trails promotes also helps your teen to exert energy during the day so that at night they are not restless but are ready to sleep.

Virginia Teens Receive Quality Staffing at our Weight Loss Summer Camp

The best-of-the-best camp counselors are attracted to Camp Pocono Trails and return year after year. There are many reasons for their loyalty and devotion to the campers at Pocono Trails. First of all they are offered the most attractive benefits package unmatched by other camps in the industry. The competitive benefits allow us to hand pick our staff and to choose only the most dedicated and inspirational members that can add talent to our team.

Many of the staff were previously campers at Camp Pocono Trails and want to pay forward the great experiences and successes they experienced. Dedicated college campers often serve as counselors and their studies range from subjects such as health and fitness, psychology, social work, and education.

Expanded Activities At Camp Pocono Trails are Incredible

Camp Pocono Trails features very special off site trips that will enhance your Virginia teen’s summer camp experience like no other! The range of trips includes many places like theme parks, white water rafting, paintball, Camel Beach, and Broadway Shows. These trips are sure to make this a summer your teenager will never forget.

During the end of summer our teens look forward to the infamous “End of Summer Mall Shopping Trip!” What better way to celebrate their new image by returning to school looking better than ever and sporting the latest fashion trends of their generation. It should be noted that these excursions are offered once a week and they are optional. Also, some additional fees may apply.