Best Weight Loss Camp for Vermont Families!

Looking for the best weight loss camp for your Vermont child?

Teen Weight Loss Camp Serving Vermont Teens: New Technology Track Now Offered!

Looking for a weight loss camp in Vermont? Vermont teens burdened by the weight of technology overuse find a worthwhile retreat at Camp Pocono Trails in PA. Traditionally this summer camp has helped thousands of teenagers devote their summer to losing weight and getting fit. This new image summer camp promotes healthy lifestyle choices and this unique environment is designed specifically for teenagers. It has always supported teens along their journey to self-improvement. Now more than ever teens need support with technology.

Camp Pocono Trails proudly introduces the Summerland Program to support campers who strive for a healthy balance with technology. In general, the inactive lifestyle of gamers and technology overuse is associated with weight gain and other serious health issues. Camp Pocono Trails is equipped to handle this challenge in a safe environment where making healthy changes is going to be the best time of your teenagers life!

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Vermont Campers at our Weight Loss Camp Learn to Transfer their Skills Home

Vermont teens that have technology overuse habits will participate in groups with trained counselors. The Summerland Program is optional, however, it is recommended for any technology overuse your teen struggles with. The camp counselors will lead campers through a set curriculum on behavioral change. In these activities your teen will develop insight and weigh the costs and benefits of using technology. They will consider the time spent on technology and how the same amount of time could be applied to other goals. For example, many teenagers are setting goals to achieve higher grades, or to improve their scores on college entry exams. The new insight gained by the Summerland program helps teens to make the changes they need to improve their life.

Camp Pocono Trails gives teens an opportunity to pursue different activities and to get a break from technology. Laughing and enjoying each others company is what makes the summer camp experience special. But, Camp Pocono Trails is committed to lasting results. Taking a break from technology is not good enough. Our teens are going home will skills and strategies to engage and sustain face-to-face relationships. The beauty of the program is that our teens gain self-confidence and know they can feel good in real relationships that happen in real time. Our campers go home with a “can do” attitude to continue a journey on self-improvement.

Broadway Shows Fit Into An Active Summer Camp for Teens

If the 101+ activities offered at Camp Pocono Trails didn’t blow your socks off, then how about the option to go on a trip and see your favorite Broadway Show. There are more than twenty shows available and they range from musicals, plays, Tony award winners, celebs on stage, and more. Our campers get rewarded by taking a small reprieve from camp life and stepping into the glitz and glamour of a star-studded Broadway show!

At Camp Pocono Trails the fun has no end. Teens can choose to join many great trips and special events that are being offered all the time! Your teenager can try whitewater rafting, paintball, amusement parks, Camp Olympics, talent shows. There are always many options. A popular end of camp experience is to go to, “End of Summer Mall Trip” where you get to shop in the new and improved sizes that your healthy lifestyle helped you to achieve.

Vermont Campers Ease Into Fitness Routines At Pocono Trails Summer Camp

At Camp Pocono Trails we meet campers with a lot of experience with physical activity, some campers have little to no experience with physical activity, and everything in between. Regardless of your experience in sports or exercise, or lack of it, everyone is here to make improvements to their overall health and well-being. We help you to participate and try new things. We want you to feel safe in trying something for the first time. We want you to feel great when you take your skills to the next level.

Our campers are encouraged to participate and have fun. We are non-competitive, and we do not care about which team wins. At Camp Pocono Trails all of our campers win because in the end they have everything to gain. They did something to be better today than they were yesterday!

We support our campers with athletic instruction from first-rate staff. Positive reinforcement helps our campers achieve goals in fitness that even amaze themselves. Our campers experience a very positive experience in weight loss and many discover abilities that they never knew they had. When Vermont teens come to Camp Pocono Trails they leave in the best condition they have ever achieved!