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Check out our Tour Video to see why Camp Pocono Trails is the #1 weight loss camp choice for Utah families.

Utah Teens Seeking Weight Loss Love Camp Pocono Trails

Our weight loss camp is very popular with Utah families. The northeast Pennsylvania summer camp that Utah teens love to go to is family owned. This makes all the difference in a quality program. Tony and Dale Sparber, the owners of Camp Pocono Trails, care first and foremost about the safety of their campers while they support their weight loss journey. While losing weight at some corporate run “Fat Camps” might be a risky business, the Sparbers ensure their campers a safe experience. They hand pick the best professionals in the industry to nurture campers through every aspect of their weight loss journey. The experience and dedication has kept this camp running successfully since 1992 and it is the reason why teen campers from Utah receive the best quality of care throughout their stay.

PA too far? Some Utah families go as a group to our optional family camp. The best advantage of attending our weight loss family camp is that everyone leaves on the same page. There is no miscommunication about what is on program or off program as parents and children alike receive the same nutrition, fitness, and culinary instruction.

Research has shown that family involvement such as offered at our weight loss family camp can produce better results than sending your child to camp alone. One meta-analysis that was published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders looked at over 20 research articles on family involvement in weight loss.

It was found that beneficial effects were seen when interventions were taught to both parents and children alike across multiple research studies. Benefits were seen in both parents and children when weight loss interventions are implemented as a family versus just implemented by the parents or child alone. In other words, you will see greater results in your own weight loss and your child will see greater results with their individual weight loss then you would if either of you attended a weight loss program individually.

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Utah Teen Campers Have a Blast!

Here are some examples of how the Sparbers ensure their campers receive the best quality of care. The staff to camper ratio is 1:4. Many teens want to use the free weights in the gym and certified personal trainers guide campers to safely meet their goals. Likewise, certified group fitness trainers will support all ability levels by modifying certain movements so that injuries caused by strain do not occur. Also, fitness trainers teach campers how to make every movement count to maximize the benefits of their workout. This personalized attention promotes a positive experience in fitness where trying new activities is fun and safe for teens.

Living in Moderation at Weight Loss Camp

There are no shortcuts to long term health. We teach campers how to set goals and take daily steps to achieve what they want in life. This goal-oriented philosophy goes for our weight loss component, our fitness component, and our technology overuse component.  Because it’s not realistic to just give up food, or to just give up your cell phone, we teach campers how to live in moderation.

Healthy Living and New Habits at Summer Camp

Unlike corporate run summer camps for weight loss, Camp Pocono Trails provides a quality diet and nutrition program that is led by a licensed dietician. The food is natural and prepared in a healthy way. Though fat camps may alter foods, your teen will not be subjected to foods that have been tampered with to promote weight loss. Camp Pocono Trails does not believe in fad diets, deprivation, or clinical helps. Their nutritional program offers a balanced meal plan for teens. This nutritional program is updated by My Plate Guidelines from the USDA, as well as the Exchange List for Weight Management from the National Institutes of Health.

Utah Teens Get Excellent Care at Camp Pocono Trails

The medical needs of the teen campers are provided on site. A full medical staff is on hand with an on-site infirmary that operates 24/7. Also, there is full-time nursing with at least 4-5 nurses on staff at all times.

As you can see, when Utah parents send their teens to Camp Pocono trails they are investing in the quality of service that only a dedicated and experienced family-owned business can offer.

Utah Teens Reset Screen Time at Camp Pocono Trails

The teens from Utah are going to Camp Pocono Trails because they get it right. Habits are learned and they can be broken. With the addition of the Summerland Program, this summer camp helps teens to break harmful technology habits by replacing them with rewarding healthy habits. The structure in place includes daily physical activity. Campers gain new experiences with a wide range of activities that inspires them to try new fitness programs when they go home. With more than 101+ activities your teen is going to find something they love to do!

When teens develop bad habits using the internet it is going to take more than blocking their access to it. You can take it away, but what happens when you give it back? Teens must be driven by intrinsic motivation to want to change bad internet habits. In addition, at summer camp your teen will be guided on how to develop insight into the damage caused by not changing internet habits. At Camp Pocono Trails, your teen will discover why they want to change. When teens are given an opportunity to reflect and think deeply about an internet habit that is wreaking havoc on their life that is when they become ready to commit to change. The healthy structure and environment here leads teens to make better choices. We introduce our campers to fun activities like whitewater rafting, rock climbing, team-based activities, drama and the arts. Our Utah campers will leave wanting to replace old habits with healthy ones. The healthy options always appeal to campers more than the old rut of bad habits they were once stuck in.

Weight Loss Camp for Utah Campers

We can pick your child up at the Allentown, PA or Newark, NJ airport.

Think about the adventure your child will have traveling out of state to the beautiful Pocono Mountain range. Sometimes getting out of town and going away to make new friends and have new experiences is just what it takes to help change unhealthy habits.

At Camp Pocono Trails, we address everything from eating right to nutrition, exercise, and we even have a technology track for those teens spending too much time on their phones or video games.

Not a “Fat Camp”!

If you send your teenager to a program that calls themselves a “teen fat camp,” how likely would it be that your child would accept the interventions they suggest? The more likely scenario is that your teen would close down and rebel against the program.  If this happens, your summer investment would go to waste.

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