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Looking for the best weight loss camp for your Rhode Island child?

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Check out our Tour Video to see why Camp Pocono Trails is the #1 weight loss camp choice for Rhode Island families.

Weight Loss Camp for Rhode Island Teens: A Quality Nutritional Program at Camp Pocono Trails

Looking for a weight loss camp near Rhode Island? Look no further! Located in PA, the staff at Camp Pocono Trails are licensed professionals. Your Rhode Island teen will be nurtured by experts. Many of our hand-picked staff are attracted to working at this renowned camp and have returned year after year. They believe in and are responsible for the quality of care each camper receives. The nutritional program is run by a licensed dietitian.

The food is prepared in a healthy way to minimize sugars and fats. For example, instead of fried chicken, it is grilled. An assortment of vegetables and fruits are available at every meal. Along with eating healthy at every meal each camper attends diet and nutritional classes. They learn how to read food labels and they learn how to substitute favorite unhealthy foods for healthy foods that satisfy the same cravings. Reasonable portion sizes are encouraged. Rhode Island teens learn that a healthy lifestyle is about making healthy food choices and staying active.

When Rhode Island parents reunite with their teens at the end of summer camp they are delighted with the changes. Each camper will receive a recipe book and have practiced cooking these recipes all summer. They will know what to order and how to make smart choices at restaurants and during the holidays. On average a camper loses 3-5 pounds a week by adopting the healthy, active lifestyle that they discover at Camp Pocono Trails!

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Summer Weight Loss Camp Offers Rhode Island Teens a Fun, Positive Approach to Weight Loss

First and foremost our campers from Rhode Island are going to have the best summer of their lives at Camp Pocono Trails! There is no other summer camp like it! When your teen arrives we meet them where they are in their weight loss journey. They meet other teens like themselves and form many friendships with teens and staff. This is a supportive non-competitive camp where winning is not the goal. The goal is to participate and have a great time. This is the place where everyone is included and everyone gets invited to the party! The most spectacular time happens on Sunday when you discover that all of the fun is leading you towards transformational results for your weight loss journey.

Rhode Island Parents Weight the Costs of Summer Camp vs. Failure

Consider the cost of doing nothing. If your teen is on a downward spiral because of weight issues, self-esteem issues, technology overuse issues… what is the likelihood that things will improve when they go to college?

Will your teen join the 60% of campers who fail to graduate college? Consider the cost of wasted tuition, wasted time, and the cost of supporting them back at home if they fail to thrive.

At Camp Pocono Trails, your teen will have the support of experts and their peers. They will learn strategies to continue a healthy lifestyle and maintain it when they go home. Our campers leave understanding how to manage their day for healthy, successful outcomes. They experience success and this motivates them to learn how to continue it. Some of their best memories and friends will be made at Camp Pocono Trails! This is an investment with quality results.