Best Weight Loss Camp For Kids and Teens

#1 Health and Fitness Camp For Kids, Teens, and Young Adults!

The world famous Camp Pocono Trails makes this and more possible at its spectacular private lakefront wellness camp in Pennsylvania – one of the only wellness camps accredited by the American Camp Association. Campers benefit from the attention only an owner-operated camp can provide. Enjoy loads of fabulous activities in a serene, beautiful setting, all aimed to promote long-term health, wellness, integrity and learning in a fun, mainstream manner.

Beautiful, private setting

Our camp is 350 private acres, nestled on our own private lake front, where children, teens and young adults can realize their goals, while enjoying the best activities program… bar none.

Lakeside Pools

Each pool is a site of fun, fun, fun. Camp Pocono Trails is the ONLY wellness camp in the country to offer 2 separate swimming pools — one for boys and one for girls.

Comfortable Cabins

Unlike bunk beds are other camps, our spacious cabins have individual beds with comfortable mattresses. Our ensuite bathroom and shower facilities are maintained regularly.

rock climbing at weight loss camp
Awesome Activities

You can do it all! Climbing, tubing, banana boats, canoes, fishing, soccer, tennis, football, aerobics, archery, volleyball, arts & crafts, theatre, ping-pong... There's literally no chance for boredom!

Odyssey Course & Climbing Wall

Our Odyssey Course, Climbing Wall and Giant Swing are the ultimate adventures. Just looking at these incredible courses is enough to jumpstart any day!

Delicious Food

Our meal plan focuses on eating natural, whole foods while eliminating highly processed foods. Campers enjoy a variety of real foods in appropriate portions, to promote healthy eating in a nutritious, delicious, and safe way.

Best Weight Loss Camp for Kids & Teens 20 Years Running!

Perhaps you remember us from one of MTV’s very first reality shows. MTV’s “Fat Camp.”  Camp Pocono Trails has been around for a long time and we’ve refined our camp processes over the years. Ultimately, you won’t find a more fun, effective, or professional weight loss camp in the country.

We are a weight loss camp focused on positivity and meeting the individual goals of each camper. Campers are weighed individually, in private, on a weekly basis.

The ultimate goal is not the number on the scale, but rather that campers use the knowledge and skills learned at camp to maintain healthy eating and exercise habits upon returning to the camp-free world. While weight loss is an obvious achievement to be celebrated, the Camp Pocono Trail’s focus is truly on changing lifestyle habits, improving health, and having fun.

Come joins us this summer for incredible fun in a supportive environment. Our team of personal trainers, nutritionists, counselors, nurses, and other professional staff will ensure you see success this summer on your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Camp for Kids

Camp Pocono Trails is a weight loss camp kids love! Younger campers are grouped by gender and age division. Our lower camp offers socialization opportunities best suited for younger campers including sports, games, and activities geared toward their developmental level.

Our nutrition and culinary curriculum presented to the lower camp is also developmentally appropriate. We help our younger campers relate proper portion sizes to what they know. For example, did you know that a serving size of meat is approximately equivalent in size to an iPhone?  Topics in each class or group are presented in a way that kids can understand. Self-esteem topics, for example, can include online bullying and the effect of social media on self-esteem. We truly meet our campers where they are.

Weight Loss Camp for Teens

We are the top choice for families looking for a weight loss camp for teens.  Teens come to Camp Pocono Trails to lose weight or maintain the weight they already lost as a kid attending CPT.

Teens participate in activities they find fun including camp dances and all-camp social activities.

All campers at Camp Pocono Trails get multiple opportunities to perform on stage at skit night, MTV night, or another all-camp activity. We’ve seen some of the shyest, socially reserved campers come out of their shell at CPT. Our mission is to help campers get in the best physical and mental shape of their lives in a fun, supportive atmosphere.

ACA Accredited

ACA accreditation is the best evidence parents have of a camp’s commitment to a safe and nurturing environment for their children. This voluntary accreditation is based on a commitment by the camp to best practices.