Best Weight Loss Camp for Oregon Families!

Looking for the best weight loss camp for your Oregon child?

Summer Weight Loss Camp Awaits Oregon Teens!

Seeking a Oregon weight loss camp or healthy lifestyle camp for your child? At Camp Pocono Trails, located in Pennsylvania, we love serving Oregon families. We get so many Oregon campers because of our close proximity. Our business has been family owned and operated since 1992. We are on site and accessible to our campers and families all summer long.

On-site staff is experienced and licensed. There is at least 4-5 site registered nurses at all times. Our commitment to your teen’s health extends to providing licensed children’s guidance counselors and social workers to run the Cognitive Behavior Therapy program (CBT) and self-esteem programs. We hand pick our staff and many of our staff have been with us for at least ten years.

Any camp can help a camper lose weight just by providing a lot of activity and structured portions at meals.  At Camp Pocono Trails, we focus on transferring these skills back home so that the changes stick.  This is why we offer culinary and nutrition classes instead of just feeding campers reduced-calorie meals.

Please check out our Transformations page or look at our reviews online.  Camp Pocono Trails is the leading weight loss camp in the United States for a reason.  Give us a call at 1-800-365-0556 to discuss your weight loss goals.

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Introducing Technology Addiction Track for Oregon Teens.

If your Oregon teen went off to college today would they be able let go of their cell phone and social networking habits to focus on the study habits that college requires? Jump-start a successful college career with the support of Camp Pocono Trails!

At Camp Pocono Trails, this is what we do. Your child will learn the skills they need to become a weight controller; a person in charge of their health, and a person that sets and limits their online activities so that they have ample time to socialize, complete academic duties, and participate in after school sports and extracurricular activities.

In this beautiful natural setting, among their peers and new friends, your teen can explore the issues around technology addiction. Most importantly, Oregon teens can discover healthy new activities in a supportive environment that can replace the old technology driven behaviors. Support your teen’s lifestyle change and send them to Camp Pocono Trails this summer!

Activities Galore for Oregon Teens!

There are 350-acres at Camp Pocono Trails including private lakefront access for swimming, kayaking, and other water sports activities. Every popular sport that you can dream of including tennis, basketball, lacrosse, etc. is played here. The only difference is that instead of winning the importance is placed on participation. Teenagers have every opportunity to try new activities in an environment where making new friends and teamwork is the goal.

If you’re looking for a new challenge a zip-line and a ropes course are also onsite as optional activities.

Just as our teens get to experience the best of what a traditional summer camp has to offer, they also have access to the best live shows in Oregon City. Surrounded by the beauty of the Poconos mountains, it’s hard to believe that just 90 miles away we can take a short bus trip to Oregon’s Broadway hit musicals. Like our other activities this is an optional excursion.

Camp Pocono Trails is better than a typical fat camp for teens and young adults. We are a science-based, results-oriented weight-loss program catering to teens and young adults ages seven to seventeen as well as a young adult program for ages eighteen to twenty five.  We also offer a family camp where families can learn healthy new skills together.

On Friday nights everyone is invited to join us for some dancing and stage acts. Are you looking forward to making friends and memories that last a lifetime? Then you found the right place at Camp Pocono Trails.

Amazing Campus at Summer Weight Loss Camp for Oregon Teens

Our campers will love the nostalgic feel of the cabins and the gorgeous view of the lake. The best surprise happens when they open the door. Instead of bunk beds, each camper lives in comfort with their own separate bed and storage space.

Instead of one swimming pool, we have two and one is for the boys and the other is for girls. The dining hall features food to accommodate all tastes. Everything is prepared in a healthy way and we do not fry or serve prepackaged, highly-processed foods. We do offer kosher foods and fruits and vegetables with every meal.

Amazing Transformations at Oregon Teen Weight Loss Camp

Our teen weight loss camp is near Oregon and many families come from the big apple each summer. Each camper attends daily classes that give them the skills to make better lifestyle changes. Reading nutritional labels and learning how to prepare healthy meals are some of the skills your camper will come home with. Campers will learn how to serve themselves healthy portions. Some campers are pleasantly surprised to realize that they can eat more of the healthy foods they like at summer camp than they could eat of their unhealthy snacks before coming to camp.

We are NOT a “Fat Camp”

The direct link between obesity and self-esteem has been well established. For teens and young adults especially, we see a correlation with low self-esteem, depression, disordered eating, anxiety, social isolation and more. Using the term “fat” or “fat camp for teens and young adults” only reinforces with young teens and young adults that something is wrong with them and that they are not living up to this idealized body image that the media portrays.