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Weight Loss Camp Serving North Carolina Teens Adds Cell Phone Overuse Track

While located in PA, we serve NC teens with our weight loss summer camp. At Camp Pocono Trails we have seen that technology overuse is a recurring issue for teens that come to our camp to focus on their new image journey. This generation of teens is immersed in technology unlike any other generation before them. Typically most campers that overuse technology to the point that it becomes detrimental to their home life, school success, and social growth realize that they do not have a game plan on how to get control.

Camp Pocono Trails can help your teen break the habit of overusing technology. This is why you should intervene and send them to our summer camp. According to Business Insider, 2017 over 53% of college-age campers across the nation use technology to procrastinate instead of doing academic work. A startling statistic is that 30% of freshman in U.S. colleges are dropping out due to an inability to handle unstructured time. Sadly, 51% of lower-skilled men in their 20’s live with their parent or close relative and report spending 75% of their leisure time playing video games.

North Carolina parents find that it’s not too late for their teens to learn how to manage their technology in a healthy way. The Summerland Program is now being offered at Camp Pocono Trails to help your teen quit technology overuse habits. Send your teen to Camp Pocono Trails and support their progress towards finding balance with technology and a healthy lifestyle.

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Inactive NC Teens Discover Success with Physical Fitness at Camp Pocono Trails

At Camp Pocono Trails, we have reinvested into our facility year after year to provide our campers with a wide range of activities. Often our campers come here to try these activities for the first time. When you send your North Carolina teen to Camp Pocono Trails you are giving them a gift of hope. They will have every opportunity to try new types of exercise, improve their fitness skills, and gain confidence in order to continue with exercise at home. Our campers are supported and guided by experts in their field. They know how to modify routines to adjust to your teen’s comfort level. Our campers are eased into the fitness program. As campers increase their activity level, every day they grow stronger and are more capable of tackling more difficult physical challenges.

North Carolina campers will discover a wide range of fun activities at Camp Pocono Trails. Here is just a sampling of the types of exercise offered here. They can choose Zumba, kickboxing, boot camp to build strength, high intensity interval training, mixed martial arts, running, and supervised strength training in the gym. There is so much more.
Come to Camp Pocono Trails and discover it for yourself!

NC Teens Learn That Small Pain Makes for Huge Gain at Summer Camp

When campers leave home for summer camp they are challenged with the anxieties of separating from home. Whether they go to summer camp for a week or three months campers experience the same insecurities. Everyone gets homesick and that is normal. However, something life changing happens for teens when they go to summer camp. They meet other teens from different places and discover that they are not too different after all. They make friends, have fun, and discover that summer camp is a great place. The confidence they gain from separating from home is incredible.

Camp Pocono Trails is a supportive, inclusive environment. We encourage participation and foster friendships. Learning to separate from home is a life skill. Summer camp is the type of experience that helps to prepare your teen for the eventual day when they must go off to college or move out of the house on their own. Support your teen’s healthy growth and send them to Camp Pocono Trails. Help your North Carolina teen see that overcoming small pains results in huge gains!