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New Jersey Weight Loss Camp Solution: Camp Pocono Trails

Looking for the best weight loss camp in New Jersey? While located close to New Jersey, at Camp Pocono Trails, New Jersey Teens are investing in developing the skills they need to succeed. Regardless of the focus of the camp: weight management, tech addiction, or behavioral issues, we’ve all noticed that therapeutic based programs seem to help bring focus into many areas of the campers life. Our licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) counselors and social workers will address any issue that relates to your teen’s journey to improving their self-image.

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New Jersey Parents See Weight Loss and Health Benefits Across the Board At Camp Pocono Trails

New Jersey teens reap the benefits when they go to Camp Pocono Trails in PA for the summer. While parents often call us and ask for help in one particular area, such as gaming addiction, when they pick up their child they find that their child is different in several ways. Kids that may have been introverts have had many opportunities to make friends at Camp Pocono Trails. In today’s technology driven world teens can easily get caught up in a circle of feeling awkward and isolated, and this can result in self-esteem that is spiraling downward. At Camp Pocono Trails, they will come back to New Jersey with more pride in their appearance. They may even go out on a limb and participate in a talent show or performance. This is the place where we break the negativity cycle and create healthy habits that last.

New Jersey teens discover that it is a powerful message to children when their parents invest time and money to help them make healthy changes. Sending them to summer camp shows them that they are important and that you care about their future. This may sound ridiculous, of course all parents care about their kids, but in today’s world we cannot express it enough.

New Jersey Teens Embrace The Importance of Friendship at Camp Pocono Trails Weight Loss Camp

Your New Jersey teen may bring up the stubborn argument, “But all my friends are online!” This may be true because in today’s technology driven world most teenagers do meet online or on their iPhones, but not at Camp Pocono Trails. The value of fun, laughter, and finding common interests with their peers will form lasting friendships.

Our staff helps bridge any awkwardness on that first day and we often see strong friendships blossom within just a day or two.

Socializing and maintaining friendships is an integral part of teenage years. Friendships teach teens social and emotional skills that help them in adult life. Through our friendships, we learn to be compassionate and empathetic to others who are different than us and outside our family bonds. Friends also create a support system that is different from the ones we rely on our families for.

Okay, how many of us have heard this one before? We take away the Xbox or Smartphone, we take away our child’s social lifeline. As parents, we need to be the voice of reason here. Yes, it may be true that “all my friends” are playing on the Xbox, but why not take a break and go outside and make some new friends? The longer we let this cycle continue, the harder the cycle will be to break as social-skill building opportunities that happen face-to-face are lost. Face-to-face interactions are valuable and the New Jersey teens get many opportunities in a supportive setting at Camp Pocono Trails.

New Jersey Teens Build Social Resiliency Skills At Camp Pocono Trails

Many New Jersey teens today report that they don’t have as strong of a social network or as deep of friendships as their parents and grandparents did, mostly because of our current use of social media. Social media networks allow us to have an artificial way of partaking in our acquaintances’ lives, liking their posts, commenting on photos, but not actually participating and showing true support.

Often at Camp Pocono Trails teens easily make friendships because they meet other kids who struggle with some of the same issues and feel the same way they do. It’s easier to break the ice when you aren’t the only shy kid, or the only one trying something new for the first time.

For parents of New Jersey teens, watching your teenager struggle socially can be hard to watch. At Camp Pocono Trails, we can help them make friends and succeed in social situations. As parents, you can help put your teenager in places and situations where they have the opportunity to grow and meet other great kids. In the ideal situation at Camp Pocono Trails your teen will develop social skills and have the opportunity to work with licensed counselors and social workers. These professionals will teach them how to be socially successful and they will return to New Jersey with increased self-esteem as well as new friends that they made at summer camp!

Not only are friends easy to make at camp but finding opportunities to shine abound at Camp Pocono Trails! We have New Jersey teens participate in drama and improv activities specifically designed to get them out of their comfort zone. This builds muscle memory of in-person interactions and creates transferrable skills of socializing face-to-face as opposed to internet based socialization. Friday night dances are perfect opportunities for everyone to mingle and share success stories. We achieve our goals together and we celebrate our success together! It is no wonder that when parents pick up their teens they are delightfully overwhelmed by their beaming presence and self-confidence. Invest in a summer at Camp Pocono Trails and jump start your journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle!