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Looking for the best weight loss camp for your Massachusetts child?

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Check out our Tour Video to see why Camp Pocono Trails is the #1 weight loss camp choice for Massachuetts families.

Best Weight Loss Summer Camp for MA Teens: Camp Pocono Trails

When Massachusetts teens go off for summer camp they want to sleep in cabins in the mountains in a woodland setting far away from city life. Get ready to hold onto your Boston red socks!! Just 5-hours west of Boston is a teen’s summer camp dream vacation getaway. Unlike other cabins these cabins do not have bunk beds. Every camper sleeps in comfort in their own bed and they have their own storage space.

Camp Pocono Trails promotes an active, healthy lifestyle and with over 101+ onsite activities on 350-private forested acres, they deliver! There is private lakefront access to swimming, boating, water skiing, and more. Other onsite features include obstacle courses, aerobic studios, and sports fields. At this camp there are two swimming pools, one is for boys and one is for girls. Massachusetts teens working to achieve their ideal weight can do that and have the most fun summer ever at Camp Pocono Trails.

Your teen will come home with healthy recipes that they know how to prepare. They will find confidence and make friends. This camp will change their lives in the most fun way they can imagine.

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A Summer Weight Loss Camp that Reinforces Goal Setting Leads the Way To Weight Loss Results

The key to overcoming setback and obstacles is perseverance. At Camp Pocono Trails learning to persevere is a skill set that all campers take home. Goal setting develops intrinsic motivation to change. Through insight-oriented group discussion led by licensed counselors, our campers become self-aware of the bad habits they need to kick. Our expert staff shows them the way. We help our campers identify what they want to achieve, and we help them to establish realistic steps to achieve their goals.

Our Massachusetts campers learn how to quantify their goals into daily digestible tasks. For example, if the goal is to raise their grade point average then we look at the behaviors that are impeding this goal. One obstacle might be that when they get home they have no energy. In this case setting goals that identify healthy snacks that provide and sustain energy until dinner is appropriate. Another obstacle might be that they spend too much time texting with their school friends instead of getting their homework done. In this case, it might be appropriate to identify ways that using the cellphone helps to complete homework and ways that it can be an obstacle. Then, addressing appropriate times to text friends should be addressed. These are some of the ways your teens will learn to balance technology in a healthy lifestyle.

Our campers learn strategies to track daily behaviors and this includes a Behavior Planning Journal (BPJ) because it quantifies and records what they do. For campers with fitness goals, using a journal to track the number of steps on a pedometer would be appropriate. Campers achieve the greatest results when their behaviors are quantified and recorded. The BPJ is an honest self- assessment of their day-to-day activities. When teens are realistic about their goals then transformation is achievable.

Proud Massachusetts’ Parents Pick Up Campers from Camp Pocono Trails for Astounding Weight Loss!

It’s a remarkable transformation that takes place for every camper at Camp Pocono Trails. The first thing that most parents notice is that their teen projects self-confidence! These teens look great and feel great at the end of summer camp! They also have adventures they are eager to share with their parents. There are many friends and staff members that they want to introduce them to. Their parents are incredibly proud that they have taken positive steps towards losing weight and choosing a healthy lifestyle. They are also proud about the bad habits they were able to kick and replace like technology overuse. Mostly, parents are so thankful that they made the investment in time and financial resources to jump-start their teen’s young adult life at Camp Pocono Trails.