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Maryland Weight Loss Camp: Teens Get Healthy at Pocono Trails!

Maryland families looking for a weight loss camp frequently come to nearby Camp Pocono Trails. This summer get in the car with your teenager and drive about 3-hours north until you reach the beautiful northeast mountain region of Pennsylvania known as the Poconos Mountains. In this serene location on 350-private acres of wooded mountains, your teen is going to experience the best summer they ever had. Making friends and having fun while adopting transformational healthy habits is what your teen will take away from Camp Pocono Trails.

Camp Pocono Trails is accredited by the American Camp Association. Owners Tony and Dale Sparber have dedicated their lives to Camp Pocono Trails since 1992 and want their campers to enjoy a quality experience. Tony and Dale invest in the best amenities and staff that a resort summer camp can offer. Since 1992 they have invested into making improvements year after year to provide campers with such amenities as two swimming pools (one for boys and one for girls), private lakefront access where water sports are unlimited, sports equipment, courts, and fields for all types of sports. Campers have it all here.

The Sparbers operate a weight loss camp but emphasize that it is not a “fat camp” run by a corporate entity. There are important distinctions to be made here. They have achieved success through direct involvement and they are at the camp every day during the summer. Also, the Sparbers hand select the most caring and experienced staff who return year after year. Striving for your teen to be nurtured by professional expertise and personal attention all summer, this family operated camp wants your teen to receive support along their weight loss journey. This is how Camp Pocono Trails has established its excellent reputation and why teens want to return and stay all summer long.

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Camp Pocono Trails Aims to Be A Positive Force for Maryland Teen Weight Loss Transformation

The first step for Maryland teens at Camp Pocono Trails is to build lasting friendships. There are testimonials from staff who transformed years ago and are paying it forward by returning as a leader and an expert who can help teens on their own weight loss transformation.

An important step to weight loss is setting personal goals. Campers are coached on how to make challenging long-term goals and how to establish incremental short-term goals along their journey to success. Counselors help campers pick positive, healthy goals they want to work on and the staff helps them develop a realistic plan to move forward in their life.

Campers plan their day and track their goals in a Behavior Planning Journal (BPJ) and develop the skill of being able to self-regulate their habits through this process. The journal allows our campers to process their thoughts and reflect on their transformational journey. Campers leave with the insight of being able to understand why replacing unhealthy behaviors with healthy habits they learned at Camp Pocono Trails is beneficial. The journal is an important step towards making lasting changes and leaving positive impressions on teens.

Maryland Teens Get Back On Track At Camp Pocono Trails

Parents of Maryland teens can all attest to dealing with resistance when it comes to making positive changes at home. Camp Pocono Trails can help. At camp, your teen will meet other teens just like them who are dealing with the same setbacks. Naturally, teens will support one another in this camp setting. Also, they will develop friendships and these factors will promote the healthy habits they adopt at camp. These healthy habits will take hold and your teen will return home eager to show you the new habits they are proud to share.

If getting your teenager back on track to a healthy lifestyle is your desire, then send them to Camp Pocono Trails!

Personal Guidance Is Supported By Camp Pocono Trails

The food and nutrition program that campers receive at Pocono Trails is managed and led by nutritional dieticians who specialize in youth weight loss. Unlike corporate chains that create canned formulas, this program uses real food prepared in a healthy way. Each camper attends nutrition and cooking classes weekly to learn and gain hands-on experience for a continued healthy lifestyle at home.

The health and well-being of our campers is paramount! Camp Poconos has an effective food and nutrition program because it balances nutrition with plenty of physical activity. This physical movement takes place all day long with a variety of activities. No pills, drugs or food supplements are ever used or encouraged. We don’t believe in fad diets. We believe in a healthy lifestyle. Campers learn to make smarter choices by making better menu selections in restaurants, being prepared before they go out to eat, being conscious of portion sizes, and engaging in physical activities. With this approach at Camp Pocono Trails we have witnessed campers that will lose an average of 3-5 pounds a week. The transformation is remarkable and most importantly it can be achievable and sustained when your teen returns home.