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Check out our Tour Video to see why Camp Pocono Trails is the #1 weight loss camp choice for Maine families.

Maine Teen Weight Loss Camp: Ready to Get Active?

Many families looking for a Maine Weight Loss Camp come to us. Camp Pocono Trails is a family run summer camp in northeast Pennsylvania and it has been running since 1992. This camp provides an environment where losing weight and having fun happens every day for Maine teens. Your teen is going to experience all the adventure of a traditional summer camp but with more activities than any other camp has ever offered before.

The allure of more than 101+ activities on 350- acres of private, wooded property attracts teens from many parts of the country. Camp Pocono Trails is home to the Odyssey Course, Climbing Wall, and Giant Swing. These are the largest and most extensive courses for climbing in the country. Like all activities these are optional, but for thrill seekers these activities are irresistible!

Also, campers have private lakefront access. If you love water sports or have always wanted to try skiing, or kayaking our staff will support you here. Swimmers will love to choose from swimming in the lake or the swimming pool.

Moreover, teens extend their stay and return year after year to Camp Pocono Trails because they get results. Staying active, making new friends, and having fun are all part of a healthy lifestyle and you get this in abundance at Camp Pocono Trails!

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Camp Pocono Trails Weight Loss Camp Supports Moderation with Technology Usage by Maine Teens

This summer the renowned Camp Pocono Trails run by Tony and Dale Sparber in Pennsylvania is adding a new program to address technology overuse by teens. Maine teens are attracted to this new addition.

In this new era of technology, a device is easily accessed by the typical teenager. When technology overuse creates health issues then you need to consider the support they will receive at Camp Pocono Trails. Some of the health issues that teenagers experience because of technology overuse include unhealthy weight gain, sleep deprivation, avoidance of responsibilities like chores or hygiene, a decrease in school performance. As a parent, you must step in. Teens today are using technology more than any generation before and usually, they have not learned the skills to manage it.

The professionals at Camp Pocono trails will teach your teens to be task-oriented and to be mindful of their time management. Setting limits about appropriate times to play online, and making careful choices about the media we choose to see are some of the technology issues addressed at Camp Pocono Trails. Setting priorities and goals about the important things we want to accomplish in life like earning scholarships, achieving the honor roll, going to college are other skills your teen will gain at summer camp. Invest in Pocono Trails this summer and when you reunite with your teen get ready to celebrate the healthy transformation!

Teens Love Camping in Comfort at Camp Pocono Trails

The superior quality of the amenities found at Camp Pocono Trails is the standard. This high standard is also found unlike anywhere else in the cabins. These cabins are unique in that you will not find a bunk bed anywhere. Every camper has the luxury of their own bed with a comfortable mattress. They are spacious and usually have between 6-8 campers. Ample storage space is provided to each camper. Campers will stay in cabins with same the age and boys/girls and we do our best to match our campers by their length of stay.

If you love camping but also wish for the comforts of home then you don’t have to choose. They are both found in our cabins at Camp Pocono Trails!