Best Weight Loss Camp for Louisiana Families!

Looking for the best weight loss camp for your Louisiana child?

Better than a Fat Camp: Louisiana Teens Travel to Pennsylvania’s Renowned Weight Loss Camp!

Looking for a Louisiana fat camp or weight loss camp? This year Louisiana families are investing in sending their teens to Camp Pocono Trails in northeastern Pennsylvania. Within the privacy of 350-acres of mountain wilderness, these teens are embarking on a great adventure to a healthy lifestyle.

Camp Pocono Trails is the premiere teen weight loss camp in the United States. If your child needs to get their weight loss habits under control, the summer is a perfect opportunity. While most teens are sitting around the house engaging in mindless eating all summer, your child can attend a teen weight loss camp and learn healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Making change to bad habits, however, can be more easily said than done. We’ve all experienced making our New Year Resolution only to see it slip away once we get caught up in our familiar routines. One truth to recurring setbacks is that familiar routines tend to take place in familiar places.

This summer at Camp Pocono Trails, experts can help your teen break free from the bad habits that cause weight issues, self-esteem issues, and technology overuse issues. They will provide your teen with more that 101+ fun, engaging activities to gain physical fitness! They will replace bad habits with healthy ones and help jump-start your teen’s young adult life on the healthy track! Sometimes it does take distance to gain perspective. Consider the positive effects of sending your teen to Camp Pocono Trails this summer.

Summer Health Camp

A summer health camp is a great investment in your child’s future. Where else but at Camp Pocono Trails can you give your child the gift of success? Campers come here from around the world and participate in sports, fitness, nutrition classes, and learn how to manage their health for the long term.

With the structure Camp Pocono Trails provides your child will leave healthier, happier, and in the best physical and mental shape of their life. It’s hard to think of a better investment than showing your child that the better they manage their fitness level and weight, the better they will feel.  As parents, we can lecture our kids about this forever, but until they have actually walked that path of success, it’s just talk.

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Louisiana Campers Return Home Ready to Continue their Weight Loss Journey

Camp Pocono Trails is dedicated to supporting your Louisiana teen’s healthy lifestyle changes. At this camp your teen will learn different strategies every week to face obstacles that once prevented them from achieving their goals at home. Insecurities and social anxieties will now be tackled with the strategies they learned at summer camp. The weight loss transformations are incredible. On average a camper loses 3-5 pounds a week and this happens by eating healthy foods, learning healthy habits, and staying active. The weight loss is not the most satisfying part of this journey even though it’s a huge factor! Believe it or not, making new friends, having great memories and having the most fun that your teen has ever had at a traditional summer camp is what makes this journey worthwhile.

As a result, when parents reunite with their teen at the end of summer camp… not only will their teen look great but they will be radiant with joy! Your teen is going back to Louisiana with the confidence of knowing they can continue this journey when they go home. The greatest gift our campers receive is getting to the point that you can be whoever you want to be!

Education at Kids Weight Loss Camp

Along with building healthy activities, children need to have insight into what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. At our weight loss camp for kids, we teach young people at a developmentally appropriate level how to make better food choices.

Additionally, we also offer a Technology Track where adolescents and teens can learn how to manage their cell phone, video game, and computer usage. Today more than ever we are seeing vast changes in our environment which result in often unforeseen consequences. The difference in food quality and portion sizes available is one example of this seismic change.

The availability of 24-hour, seven-day-a-week TV and internet availability is another example. As parents, our job is to prepare our child for adulthood as best as possible. This means taking steps to ensure our child can manage the distractions and temptations offered by today’s environment.

If you would like to talk about our weight loss program, please give us a call today at 1-800-365-0556.

Camp Pocono Trails Weight Loss For Louisiana Teens

The first step in determining the best weight loss camp for you or your child is to discover if the camp caters to your age group.  At Camp Pocono Trails, we serve adolescents starting at age seven, teenagers, and young adults age 18-21.

Any camp to learn healthy skills will incorporate a wide range of professionals including therapists, personal trainers, nurses, nutritionists and more. Camp Pocono Trails attracts the best-of-the-best in camp counselors, as we offer the most attractive benefits package in the industry. All our staff members are experienced, handpicked, with the majority from the United States.

Our Arts Program Is a Confidence Booster for Louisiana Teens’

Teens flock north during the summer to Camp Pocono Trails because they want to make self-improvements and lose weight. Often, teens with weight issues carry a baggage of insecurities and find speaking and face-to-face social situations awkward and stressful.

This is why many campers choose activities from the Visual Arts Program. This program is taught by talented qualified instructors. Campers are given multiple opportunities to use their creativity in theater, woodworking, arts & crafts, painting, drawing, and so much more.

Today, a quality health camp for kids will also include time away from electronics and teaching young people the skills to manage their downtime. Ask anyone with a child today and they will tell you that electronics like cell phones, computers, and tablets are a constant distraction. As electronics become more a part of our daily routine, face to face time socializing or engaging in rigorous physical activity is a behavior we see less and less of.

It’s critical today that parents show their child how to live in a healthy way. Your child’s habits they start at home will continue on through college or whatever the next step is towards independence.

Spending too little time exercising, too much time overeating, or not enough time socializing due to video games or cell phones can create habits that extend well into adulthood. These habits can wreak havoc on your child’s long-term health.