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Looking for the best weight loss camp for your Kansas child?

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Check out our Tour Video to see why Camp Pocono Trails is the #1 weight loss camp choice for Kansas families.

Kansas Teens Flock to Summer Weight Loss Camp at Pocono Trails

Looking for a Kansas weight loss camp? While not in Kansas. at Camp Pocono Trails in northeastern Pennsylvania, and Kansas teens are treated to a gorgeous change of scenery. In this lush wooded mountain region on 350-acres of private land you will have all the resort-style amenities that the Pocono retreats are renowned for. In fact, we get so many Kansas campers we made this page just for you!

Travel here to improve your self-image, lose weight, gain confidence, and break free from the routine of your technology driven lifestyle. Escape to Camp Pocono Trails for a healthy retreat that will strengthen your body, mind, and spirit this summer.

Our weight loss program for teens offers over 100 amazing and fun activities. We have jet skis, tennis, golf, aerobics, a rock climbing wall, challenge course, cooking classes, and nutritional classes as well. For a weight loss program for teens to be truly effective, teens need to find activities that they enjoy which can transfer back to their home environment. With over 100 activities available at Camp, your teen will undoubtedly find something active they will want to do back at home.

Lifestyle Changes as Part of a Teen Weight Loss Program

At Camp Pocono Trails, we also discuss limiting screen time and how screen time has been linked through scientific research with obesity. To be truly successful at weight loss, teens also need to fully embrace healthy lifestyle changes. We have found that it is much easier to motivate somebody from within versus to try to hammer changes down from above. This is why at our weight loss program for teens we strive to find as many activities the camper likes so that they will continue to be active upon the transition home.

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Weight Loss Program for Kansas Teens Awaits You This Summer

At Camp Pocono Trails, we offer classes designed to support campers when they return back home. Culinary classes, personal training, nutrition classes, and group therapy are provided to support the change process.

All activities are on-site in a traditional camp setting designed for fun. Take a moment to check out our page “101 Ways to Have Fun”. Our campers sleep in comfortable cabins, and our property features amenities like obstacle courses, aerobics studios, sports fields, tennis courts, two outdoor heated swimming pools and more.

If you would like to talk about our weight loss program, please give us a call today at 1-800-365-0556.

Adventures and lots and lots of fun await campers on 350-private acres. Let’s start with private lakefront access for activities like swimming, kayaking, rowing, and more. A challenging ropes course and Odyssey trail is on site too.

Do you love sports or do you want to try something for the first time? This is the place to do it. There are basketball and tennis courts. A gymnasium with guided activities led by expert staff waiting to introduce you to some new skills or to help you go further with the skills you already have. We have TWO swimming pools (one for boys and one for girls). You will stay active and have lots of fun doing it!

The Best Weight Loss Camp Option for Kansas Families

Parents seeking a “weight loss camp near me” are often disappointed to find that there are only a handful of weight loss camps in the United States. When you look at high-quality weight loss camps that are accredited by the American Camp Association, the potential locations shrink even more.

Camp Pocono Trails is a weight loss camp in PA, however, most of our campers come from across the United States including California, Texas, and even as far away as Alaska and Hawaii.

Internationally, we get campers from everywhere. While we are a short drive from New York City and Philadelphia, we attract campers from all over the world.

When you consider the importance of teaching lifelong weight control skills to your child, it’s easy to see why searching for a weight loss camp near me might be convenient, finding the best weight loss camp is more important.

Health Camp for Kansas Adolescents, Teens, and Young Adults

There are many reasons why parents seek a health camp for kids during the summer. For most kids, the summertime means a lack of structure.  The school routine is gone and parents are often working or not able to attend to their child around the clock.

Generally, kids fall behind academically during the summer and many kids fall behind socially and physically as well. The unstructured nature of summertime means easy access to the family refrigerator and hours of mindless snacking when they would otherwise be in class or participating in PE or after school sports.

Camp Pocono Trails Helps Kansas Teens Keep Healthy

It is ironic that in this day and age where we have access to so much social networking like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., that so many of our teens feel awkward and lonely in face-to-face social situations! In fact, as many teenagers become more entrench in social media networks that are online, ironically they are feeling more isolated. Social online networks cannot replace meaningful face-to-face relationships. Our professional staff at Camp Pocono Trails understand the issues that surround technology overuse.

Variety of Activities at Teen Fitness Camp

At Camp Pocono Trails, our teen fitness camp component is comprised of both individual and team sports in the hope that our campers will find a wide variety of activities they will want to continue upon transition back home. Even if your child is hesitant about attending a fitness summer camp, fear not. Most of our campers have not been star athletes or have been reluctant to participate in sports.

Because our campers comprise a wide variety of physical ability, your child will get the experience of being successful at sports and workout activities. Our activities are geared to engage even the most reluctant camper who may not want to attend a fitness summer camp.

Positive Energy at Our Teen Fitness Camp

Getting camper buy-in at our teen fitness camp is what we do best. Using the direction of other campers, participants at Camp Pocono Trails are encouraged and cheered on by their bunkmates and other campers.