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Better than a Fat Camp: Georgia Teens Travel to Pennsylvania’s Renowned Summer Camp to Gain Perspective

Looking for a Georgia fat camp or weight loss camp? This year Georgia families are investing in sending their teens to Camp Pocono Trails in northeastern Pennsylvania. Within the privacy of 350-acres of mountain wilderness, these teens are embarking on a great adventure to a healthy lifestyle.

Making change to bad habits, however, can be more easily said than done. We’ve all experienced making our New Year Resolution only to see it slip away once we get caught up in our familiar routines. One truth to recurring setbacks is that familiar routines tend to take place in familiar places.

This summer at Camp Pocono Trails, experts can help your teen break free from the bad habits that cause weight issues, self-esteem issues, and technology overuse issues. They will provide your teen with more that 101+ fun, engaging activities to gain physical fitness! They will replace bad habits with healthy ones and help jump-start your teen’s young adult life on the healthy track! Sometimes it does take distance to gain perspective. Consider the positive effects of sending your teen to Camp Pocono Trails this summer.

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Georgia Campers Return Home Ready to Tackle Old Obstacles On their Weight Loss Journey

Camp Pocono Trails is dedicated to supporting your teen’s healthy lifestyle changes. At this camp your teen will learn different strategies every week to face obstacles that once prevented them from achieving their goals at home. Insecurities and social anxieties will now be tackled with the strategies they learned at summer camp. The weight loss transformations are incredible. On average a camper loses 3-5 pounds a week and this happens by eating healthy foods, learning healthy habits, and staying active. The weight loss is not the most satisfying part of this journey even though it’s a huge factor! Believe it or not, making new friends, having great memories and having the most fun that your teen has ever had at a traditional summer camp is what makes this journey worthwhile.

As a result, when parents reunite with their teen at the end of summer camp… not only will their teen look great but they will be radiant with joy! Your teen is going back to Georgia with the confidence of knowing they can continue this journey when they go home. The greatest gift our campers receive is getting to the point that you can be whoever you want to be!

Camp Pocono Trails Adds Technology Track To Tackle Overuse Habits in Georgia Teens

At Camp Pocono Trails we have seen that technology overuse is a recurring issue for teens that come to our camp to focus on their new image journey. This generation of teens is immersed in technology unlike any other generation before them. Typically most campers that overuse technology to the point that it becomes detrimental to their home life, school success, and social growth realize that they do not have a game plan on how to get control. This leaves them floundering.
Camp Pocono Trails we are proud to offer the Summerland Program, the first program designed for teens by Dr. Michael Bishop. This program was designed to help your teen break the habit of overusing technology and to help them balance technology with a healthy lifestyle. The beauty of adding the Summerland technology program to Camp Pocono Trails is that promoting healthy lifestyle choices is what campers do here.

Georgia parents should intervene and send their teenager to Camp Pocono Trails this summer if technology use is out of control. According to Business Insider, in 2017 over 53% of college age campers across the nation used technology to procrastinate instead of doing academic work. A startling statistic is that 30% of freshman in U.S. colleges are dropping out due to an inability to handle unstructured time. Sadly, 51% of lower-skilled men in their 20’s live with their parent or close relative and report spending 75% of their leisure time playing video games.

Georgia parents find that it’s not too late for their teens to learn how to manage their technology in a healthy way. Send your teen to Camp Pocono Trails and support their progress towards breaking bad technology habits.

Visual Arts Program at Camp Pocono Trails Is a Confidence Booster for Teens’

Teens flock north during the summer to Camp Pocono Trails because they want to make self-improvements and lose weight. Often, teens with weight issues carry a baggage of insecurities and find speaking and face-to-face social situations awkward and stressful.

This is why many campers choose activities from the Visual Arts Program. This program is taught by talented qualified instructors. Campers are given multiple opportunities to use their creativity in theater, woodworking, arts & crafts, painting, drawing, and so much more.