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Looking for the best weight loss camp for your Florida child?

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Check out our Tour Video to see why Camp Pocono Trails is the #1 weight loss camp choice for Florida families.

Florida Teens Flock North for Summer Weight Loss Camp at Pocono Trails

Looking for a Florida weight loss camp? While not in FL. at Camp Pocono Trails in northeastern Pennsylvania Florida teens are treated to a gorgeous change of scenery. In this lush wooded mountain region on 350-acres of private land you will have all the resort-style amenities that the Pocono retreats are renowned for.

Travel here to improve your self-image, lose weight, gain confidence, and break free from the routine of your technology driven lifestyle. Escape to Camp Pocono Trails for a healthy retreat that will strengthen your body, mind, and spirit this summer.

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Quality Weight Loss Program for Florida Teens Awaits You This Summer

Jump-start your weight loss experience at Camp Pocono Trails and have the time of your life while you do it! When Florida teens arrive they will settle into their cabin and enjoy the comforts that are unique to Camp Pocono Trails. Unlike traditional cabins, these cabins do not have bunk beds. Instead each camper is provided with their own bed and storage space!

Adventures and lots and lots of fun await you on 350-private acres. Let’s start with private lakefront access for activities like swimming, kayaking, rowing, and more. A challenging ropes course and Odyssey trail is on site too.

Do you love sports or do you want to try something for the first time? This is the place to do it. There are basketball and tennis courts. A gymnasium with guided activities led by expert staff waiting to introduce you to some new skills or to help you go further with the skills you already have. We have TWO swimming pools (one for boys and one for girls). You will stay active and have lots of fun doing it!

Young Adults Break Free from Technology This Summer At Summer Camp

Florida teens are just as technology driven as any other teen out there. As a society we have been submerged with our iPhones, computers, tablets, gaming devices, and more. Camp Pocono Trails is proud to introduce a new technology track for our teens and the perfect escape from all of it. The best way to change technology habits is to replace them with healthy habits. Should you choose this option, Licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) counselors and social workers will teach you the skills to break free and maintain a healthy balance in this age of technology. This summer commit to change and embrace the healthy lifestyle with the skills that are taught at Camp Pocono Trails. Break free from the routines that keep you attached to these devices. Get active, fill your lungs with some fresh mountain air, and meet some new friends this summer at Camp Pocono Trails!

Camp Pocono Trails Helps Florida Teens Tackle Social Setbacks

It is ironic that in this day and age where we have access to so much social networking like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., that so many of our teens feel awkward and lonely in face-to-face social situations! In fact, as many teenagers become more entrench in social media networks that are online, ironically they are feeling more isolated. Social online networks cannot replace meaningful face-to-face relationships. Our professional staff at Camp Pocono Trails understand the issues that surround technology overuse.

What better way to get over issues of self-esteem and social awkwardness than in a supportive setting with many other teens battling the same issues? Friendships pop up everywhere at this unique camp designed just for today’s teens. Drama, improvisation, the opportunity to practice delivering rehearsed lines in a safe environment help our campers take down their guard when it comes to social situations. The investment Florida parents make this summer a Camp Pocono Trails is a game changer. If your teenager is struggling socially, then it is time to pickup the skills like reading gestures and expressions that you do not get on an artificial online site. Let them laugh, smile, and have fun at Camp Pocono Trails this summer!