Best Weight Loss Camp for Delaware Families!

Looking for the best weight loss camp for your Delaware child?

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Check out our Tour Video to see why Camp Pocono Trails is the #1 weight loss camp choice for Delaware families.

The Best Weight Loss Camp for Delaware Teens is Camp Pocono Trails

Looking for a Delaware weight loss camp? Delaware teens should celebrate because the old adage, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” does not apply in this case. Camp Pocono Trails is right in your own backyard. Less than a 3-hour car ride away and located on 350-private acres of mountain wilderness in northeast Pennsylvania the best new image weight-loss camp for teens.

Join other teenagers who come from across the nation to Camp Pocono Trails because they want to get a jump start on healthy living while having fun doing it.

This world-class camp boasts private lakeside access for water activities like swimming, kayaking, jet skis, water skis. If you can dream it this camp has built it! Always investing back in the camp’s amenities, Camp Pocono Trails believes in providing teens with the most up-to-date resort expectations.

With not one but two swimming pools (one for boys and one for girls) and an Odyssey course, tennis courts, basketball courts, gymnasium, this camp has it all! You will always be invited every Friday night to a dance party where you will meet up with your new friends!

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Weight Loss and Improved Self-Image Await Delaware Teens at Our Weight Loss Camp

There are many amazing transformations that take place for Delaware teens at Camp Pocono Trails. The campers will testify that investing their summer here was a game changer! They expected to lose weight and they left with so much more. Participating in fun activities and making new friends every day in a special mountain retreat is a dream come true for most teens. Our campers have so much fun while eagerly absorbing all the healthy lifestyle changes like learning how to prepare healthy foods, learning to incorporate awareness with reading food labels, learning about a healthy balance with technology, and learning to stay active. The teens that come to Camp Pocono Trails from Delaware transform and learn the skills to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Video Game Addiction Track for Delaware Teens

Camp Pocono Trails specializes in promoting the health and well-being for Delaware teens. This is why we are proud to add the Summerland Program that addresses the social and emotional issues that are common with technology overuse for teens. The teenage years are a precious time to work on social skills and self-confidence. Developing identity and self-awareness is heightened at this time. Scientists discovered that social and environmental changes that have promoted technology overuse among teenagers have had some serious detrimental effects.

Now that The World Health Organization has classified gaming addiction as a disorder, many are questioning if you can truly be addicted to an activity. Regardless of the terminology, if your teen is using their smart-phone or gaming to the point that it’s causing stress in the family, then it’s a problem. At Camp Pocono Trails we help Delaware teenagers change their habits. So whether your teen is on their smart-phone for 2-hours a day or 12, we can help them to refocus on healthy habits.

Delaware Teens Can Form Healthy Habits At Camp Pocono Trails

Often times with teens change can be painful and can feel drastic. So instead of focusing on what they are losing, it can be beneficial to help them see what healthy habits they are gaining. At Camp Pocono Trails, we accomplish this by promoting change in a culture of positivity and peer support.

Self-esteem and healthy thought patterns are integral to feeling good and taking care of yourself. Camp Pocono Trails will help bring out the best in your teen they will have an opportunity to make big lifestyle improvements. Licensed counselors address self-esteem issues to help kids feel good and lose weight. Each week, campers will learn a different strategy to enable them to return to their daily life better prepared to tackle the obstacles in school and home. We also have a new optional program: Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Campers learn how to be “Masters of Our Thoughts”, gain “Cope Ahead Skills’ and get an After Care Plan and learn Relapse Prevention.

Whatever obstacle your teen may have experienced that prevented them from losing weight in the past, at summer camp we can help them overcome these challenges.