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Check out our Tour Video to see why Camp Pocono Trails is the #1 weight loss camp choice for Alabama families.

Awesome Weight Loss Camp for Alabama Adolsecents, Teens, and Young Adults!

Alabama parents are choosing Camp Pocono Trails as the best option for their Alabama adolescent, teen, or young adult. Camp Pocono Trails is the leading weight loss program for teens in the United States. At Camp Pocono Trails, we understand what it takes for teens to lose weight and more importantly to maintain their weight loss after leaving camp.

Our weight loss program for teens is located on a stunning 350-acre lakefront campus. At Camp Pocono Trails, our program focuses on overall camper well-being, health, and their future. As with any high-quality weight loss program for teens, we focus on long-term changes. We don’t deprive our campers of food or believe in fad diets. Instead, we help our campers understand how to live a healthier life by making smarter choices, being aware of portion sizes, and finding physical activities they will enjoy both at camp and at home. Best of all, our weight loss program for teens is fully accredited by the American Camp Association.

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This year we proudly introduce the Summerland Program to support Alabama teens

We want to help them tackle their bad habits with technology. Camp Pocono Trails is supporting technology overuse because scientific statistical evidence shows that teens need help in this area. Science Daily reports that female college campers are likely to spend 62% of waking hours on smart phones while males will spend 50%. Another statistic published by Reuters claims that 46% of college campers graduate. Their findings indicate that “not being prepared” and “inability to cope” are the leading reasons why 64% of U.S. college campers are failing across the nation. Another startling statistic from the journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine shares that gamers (teens that overuse technology) spend 34% less time on homework than non-gamers.

Camp Pocono Trails Brings the Comforts of Resort Living to Summer Weight Loss Camp

Summer Health Camp for Ages 7-65!

We are the leading summer health camp for all ages, moms, and families too.  At Camp Pocono Trails, families can attend together and stay in a private cabin as part of the “Family Camp” option.  Adolescents and teens can be with their peers for most of the day while parents interact and work out with other parents.

Our facility is world-class, located on 350 private acres in the Poconos.  We can do airport pickups from Allentown, PA or Newark, NJ.  Activities at camp include swimming, watersports, golf, tennis, dance, fishing, personal training and so much more.

Awesome Setting for Alabama Teen Weight Loss!

Alabama teens are going to live in comfort while camping in the beauty of the Pocono Mountain region this summer. You might be thinking, how can camping and comfort possibly be accomplished? It happens when you replace bunk beds with an individual bed for each camper and comfortable mattresses. Also, we commit to not overcrowding our cabins. Our limit is 8-teens per cabin. Typically campers are grouped by age and length of stay so your closest friendships tend to develop in these quarters. With a commitment to providing spacious living quarters, these cabins make sweet dreams for teens.

Have a Tech-Free Summer at Camp Pocono Trails

While it is true that there are some benefits of online socialization, the way kids socialize online is unique and does not necessarily transfer over into the real world. For example, if one gets into an argument online you can just block the other user or log off for the day. Learning how to deal with frustration or social awkwardness is something that is best done face-to-face.

Additionally, with online interactions, kids miss out on learning about nonverbal communication and other subtle nuances of face-to-face communication such as tone, facial expression, and body language.

Finally, a summer camp for weight loss can develop a sense of responsibility for their child. A summer camp for weight loss gives campers the opportunity to learn about establishing healthy routines whether that is with food, physical activity, or screen time. Young people need to learn to do this without being forced to do so by their parents.

As parents, our knee-jerk reaction is often to police our children’s food intake or screen use.  We must always keep in mind that we are preparing our children for independence and that we will not always be there to monitor their behaviors. As a result, a summer camp for weight loss should always include lessons as to why we are making these changes. We should also teach our children the value they will gain by sticking to these new routines.