We are a technology habit change program

A healthy approach to technology use for 

We are a video game addiction and screen habit change treatment program serving adolescents, teens, and young adults ages 7-21. Our clinically sophisticated treatment program helps young people learn how to manage their screen habits using positive interventions in a supportive, fun atmosphere.

Our proven methodology has been featured in media outlets across the United States. We offer a summer camp, year-round adventure trips, and an online program for adolescents, teens & young adults

Summerland Camps are, by far, the most professionally managed, the most effective, and the longest-running video game, social media, and smartphone behavior change programs in the world. Our world-famous methodology has been featured in media outlets across the United States. We offer a summer camp, year-round adventure trips, and an online program for teens & young adults.

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Video Game Addiction Camp

Looking for a video game addiction camp? At Camp Pocono Trails, campers learn how to live with technology. We teach campers they have hidden skills and talents- skills they have not tapped into because they have been too busy tapping on their phones!

If this sounds like your child, you’ve found the best setting to teach self-regulation. Self-regulation is the process of planning and executing target behaviors to reach a goal.

We help the camper identify their strengths and plan a positive, healthy direction for their life. In turn, the camper learns how to adjust their daily schedule to meet those target goals they value more than the latest video game. Campers do this in a positive atmosphere filled with love and support. Best of all, they have a total blast at camp! Check out the 101+ amazing activities we have from golf to jet skis to our ropes course. We have 350 acres of paradise on a private lake to help campers rediscover themselves.

Our proven methodology is designed to help campers change their habits. Campers work with behavior coaches to change unhealthy habits for the better. Our program has been featured on NPR, WebMD, Good Morning America, Forbes and more!

Cell Phone Addiction Treatment

If your child is spending way too much time on their digital device- whether that’s with a cell phone addiction or computer addiction, we can help. As parents, we’ve all had the argument with our teen- “You are spending too much time on your device!” Sometimes the best path forward is to reset behaviors away from the home, surrounded by other teens.

Our experience is that teens open up to their peers and express factors behind the addiction, such as problems making friends, or not knowing how to make friends. Our unique environment helps teens have these “Ah-ha!” moments. As a parent lecturing our child about online behaviors, the immediate response from the child is generally defensive, or “You just don’t understand my generation.”

While it is true that online interaction is an important part of identity development today, the simple fact is that too much of a good thing can prevent us from achieving our goals. This is why the Summerland methodology utilized at Camp Pocono Trails is so effective. We work with the camper showing them the path forward to achieving their goals.

Our Atmosphere is 100% Positive and Fun!

Best of all, our program is located at the world’s best health and fitness camp. Surrounded by other teens who are committed to lifestyle change, your child will immediately feel comfortable and make new friends.

Part of developing new habits is finding new interests.  From Broadway trips to sports, fishing, games, swimming, golf, volleyball, performance arts, fitness activities, and more, your child will find something they want to continue when they transition back home.

Video Game Addiction Support

No matter what your child overuses, whether that is video games, smartphones, computers, or tablets, we will provide the support they need to develop insight and create a plan for success. Parents communicate with the child’s assigned therapists for any necessary updates, and we have a parent portal where parents can access photos of their child engaging in the awesome activities we have on campus.

We also role-play at camp common situations where a child may be struggling. For example, if a child is having a hard time making friends, we will role-play how to introduce yourself to others, or how to stand up to a bully.

You can access a video story on how we help campers here: https://mashable.com/video/videogame-addiction/

Parents are given a copy of our workbook to utilize when the child returns home. We provide a recommended reading list and email support. Parents can access webinars where any problem situations are discussed. At the end of camp, it’s not just “goodbye and good luck,” but rather, “You’ve developed a great plan, your parents have been given a copy of it and know how to support you, and we will see you next year!”

Accreditation Matters

We are fully accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). It is recommended you avoid any camp that has failed to meet the ACA standards for accreditation. Further, our program is proven to be effective. Parents of campers who attend compete the Youth Outcome Questionnaire (YOQ) so that we can measure effectiveness and make changes if necessary.

For the summer of 2019, 100% of parents who completed the pre and post YOQ reported reduced stress and frustration at home.  Parents who completed both surveys in 2019 consistently reported the following improvements in their child for these post-camp behaviors:

– Decreased loneliness
– Decrease in altercations with family members
– Increase in honesty
– Decrease in ADHD behaviors
– Reduction in anxiety
– Improvement in effective communication skills
– Reduction in “tense” feelings
– Reduction in harmful behaviors
– Improvement in organizational skills
– Decrease in sadness / improved moods
– Decrease in somatic complaints
– Reduction in negative, distrustful attitudes toward friends, family members or other adults
– Reduction in rule-breaking behaviors
– Reduction in “pulling away from family members”
– Reduction in self-harm feelings
– Reduction in sleep-related activities
– Reduction in irritability
– Reduction in physical outbursts

Next Steps

Please be aware that we are selective with who we admit for camp. Because we are a camp focused on positivity, we will not accept any camper who would be disruptive to our program. It’s okay if your child is somewhat resistant, or if they would rather stay at home. Your child just needs to be willing to give it a try. With most teens we work with, after a few days of being away from screens, they quickly make new friends and discover new interests.

In fact, many campers express that they want to come back the following year because of how much fun they’ve had! If your child is anxious about all the sports and activities we do at camp, you can reassure your teen that we focus on basics and that everyone gets to participate. At the same time, we would never make a child participate in something they don’t want to do. If your child is afraid of heights for example, the ropes course or zip lines we have on campus are optional.

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