Fat Camp for South Carolina Families!

Looking for the best fat camp for your South Carolina child?

Have a South Carolina Teen Looking for a Fat Camp?

Located in PA, we help South Carolina teens with weight loss and cellphone addiction Does your South Carolina teen use the cell phone at the dinner table, in the car, and just about everywhere? We live in a technology driven world and our teens are immersed in technology unlike any generation before. According to Pew Research, 89% of cell phone users take their device to social gatherings and use them.

At a time when we should be laughing and enjoying the company of family and friends, our cell phones tend to get in the way. They create distractions that take us out of these special moments. Teens are especially impulsive and may have not learned skills to cope with the urge to answer a phone while they are in the middle of a conversation. If cell phones have become an obstacle between you and your teen, Camp Pocono Trails can help.

Fat Camp vs. Weight Loss Camp

A “fat camp” in State describes a summer camp experience for adolescents, teens, and young adults striving to get in shape and lose weight for good. Campers in attendance may be struggling with obesity, body image issues, or self-esteem concerns due to their weight. We chose to use the phrase “weight loss camp” over “fat camp” at Camp Pocono Trails. Calling a child “fat” can be hurtful and make the child rebel against the program. While we do use the term “fat camp” on this page, we are much better described as a weight loss program. Our program strives to be 100% positive in all aspects.

Our fat camp gets a lot of campers from State. So many in fact that we made this page just for you! State families find a home away from home at Camp Pocono Trails. Without a doubt your child will find other campers from State and make fast friends. We accommodate campers from State every year.

At Camp Pocono Trails we promote healthy lifestyle choices. As a result of the healthy lifestyle habits they learn at summer camp our teens are able to make better choices about technology use. They are better able to manage their cell phones and family relationships improve when this happens.

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Are Fat Camps Evidence-Based?

Fat Camps are weight loss camps specifically designed for the physical and emotional support of adolescents, teens, and young adults. At Camp Pocono Trails we provide a structured environment for kits to have corrective experiences so that they can experience weight loss success. Losing weight is difficult, and we provide the structure needed for proper education, nutrition, fitness, culinary training, and motivation to live at a healthy weight. The long-term results of Camp Pocono Trails are astounding. Our weight loss camp is so effective because we hire the top staff in their respective fields from across the globe. Some campers may struggle with exercising, while others may struggle with eating right or developing the psychological motivation to change. At Camp Pocono Trails we have staff to focus on all of these areas.

Families from State find the best fat camp option at Camp Pocono Trails where we serve 600+ campers per year!

Camp Pocono Trails is the best summer camp for teens who want to improve their image. This a weight loss camp but this is not a fat camp. This is a quality program that promotes healthy lifestyle changes and teens are getting amazing results.

It feels great to get active and eat healthy, but couple that with the traditional summer camp experience and your teen is going to have the best summer of their life! The joy and confidence a teenager gains when they see the results of shedding the weight is huge! The change that takes place at Camp Pocono Trails goes deeper. A change in attitude about what they tell themselves when they look in the mirror, or when they try physical activities happens here. These changes don’t just happen. A new image is carefully cultivated in a supportive environment with new friends that they make at camp. Everyone here wants to boost you up!

What’s the Typical Day at a Fat Camp?

From the moment we wake up, campers are on the move at Camp Pocono Trails. We make activity fun. We realize not everyone is excited to wake up and start the day with physical activity, so we use group support of friends young people make in their cabin to support and encourage each-other to try out everything.

Every day will consist of a combination of low-calorie meals, fun exercise activities and games, and classes designed to help campers learn skills to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle upon returning home. While children may be reluctant to be away from home for multiple weeks, Camp Pocono Trails and our experienced staffers understand how to combat homesickness and keep kids busy.

Campers wake up at 7:45 am and participate in multiple “activity periods” per day. Every camper gets to try most, if not all activities at camp. Some activities are optional like our challenge course or zip lines. Favorite activities often include swimming, wake boarding, tubing, golf and Zumba class.

Activity periods extend through the day. Campers also participate in nutrition and optional self-esteem classes. We do a fun activity in the evening like skits, drama activities, and more. Lights go out from 10 to 10:30 pm depending on the camper’s age.

South Carolina teens will have multiple opportunities to build confidence when speaking in front of or finding themselves in awkward social situations. They will role play and have practice saying their lines over and over in a supportive environment. Coaches will help them to rephrase messages and make them positive until they learn how to be their own best champion. Performances such as Aladdin, High School Musical, and the Lion King have all been performed by our campers. If this is something your teen wants to achieve we can help you at Camp Pocono Trails.

How Much do Fat Camps Cost?

When considering the cost of fat camp, keep in mind the cost of doing nothing, or investing in a fad diet or other half measure that does not work. The costs of “doing nothing” or half measures can be immeasurable. We already know the health effects of being overweight over your lifespan. But many parents don’t consider the financial related costs. For example, people who are overweight are less likely to graduate college, more likely to occupy a lower socio-economic status, and are less likely to get married.

Fat camps such as Camp Pocono Trails cost around 2,000 per week, depending on the camp and length of stay. Fat Camps like Camp Pocono Trails are all-inclusive, meaning that all meals, lodging, and activities are included in the program price.

Parents should consider tuition at camp similar to tuition in a child’s education. At Camp Pocono Trails, we are preparing your child for life success after they reach the age of independence. Parents can rest assured that we will provide the right corrective experiences to ignite a lifetime of health, wellness, and weight control.

If creative expression is a passion for your teen, they can choose many different activities that are offered in the Visual Arts Program that is led by trained professionals. In this program confidence will grow as our teens are given creative freedom to express themselves in a variety of different artistic mediums from theater to painting and even arts and crafts. At Camp Pocono Trails the Performing and Visual Arts Programs are uniquely designed to give you an opportunity to design, use your imagination, and expand artistic potential.