Best Fat Camp for New York Families!

Looking for the best fat camp for your New York child?

Experienced Fat Camp Awaits New York Teens

Seeking a New York fat camp for your child? At Camp Pocono Trails, located in Pennsylvania, we love serving New York families. We get so many New York campers because of our close proximity. Our business has been family owned and operated since 1992. We are on site and accessible to our campers and families all summer long.

What is a Fat Camp?

A “fat camp” is the common name for an all-inclusive weight loss summer camp for kids, teens, and young adults.  At Camp Pocono Trails we prefer the term “weight loss camp” as it’s a more accepting term that better describes the end result our campers are seeking. While as parents we might think we are being helpful telling our child what is wrong with them, it’s rarely helpful to hurt their feelings. Probably, your child already knows if they are overweight. They are more likely to get on board with a program that is termed a “weight loss camp” versus a “fat camp” in New York.

At our fat camp for New York campers, we get so many campers from New York that we decided to create this page just for parents, teens, and young adults from New York. Many parents drive to Camp Pocono Trails, and we can also pick up your child from major airports in our area. But you can rest assured that we get many campers from New York that your child will build friendships and feel right at home.

On-site staff is experienced and licensed. There is at least 4-5 site registered nurses at all times. Our commitment to your teen’s health extends to providing licensed children’s guidance counselors and social workers to run the Cognitive Behavior Therapy program (CBT) and self-esteem programs. We hand pick our staff and many of our staff have been with us for at least ten years.

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Introducing Technology Addiction Track for New York Teens.

If your New York teen went off to college today would they be able let go of their cell phone and social networking habits to focus on the study habits that college requires? Jump-start a successful college career with the support of Camp Pocono Trails!

In this beautiful natural setting, among their peers and new friends, your teen can explore the issues around technology addiction. Most importantly, New York teens can discover healthy new activities in a supportive environment that can replace the old technology driven behaviors. Support your teen’s lifestyle change and send them to Camp Pocono Trails this summer!

Are Fat Camps Evidence-Based?

Fat Camps are weight loss camps specifically designed for the physical and emotional support of adolescents, teens, and young adults. At Camp Pocono Trails we provide a structured environment for kits to have corrective experiences so that they can experience weight loss success. Losing weight is difficult, and we provide the structure needed for proper education, nutrition, fitness, culinary training, and motivation to live at a healthy weight. The long-term results of Camp Pocono Trails are astounding. Our weight loss camp is so effective because we hire the top staff in their respective fields from across the globe. Some campers may struggle with exercising, while others may struggle with eating right or developing the psychological motivation to change. At Camp Pocono Trails we have staff to focus on all of these areas.

Families from New York find the best fat camp option at Camp Pocono Trails where we serve 600+ campers per year!

Fun Extra Trips for Teen Fat Camp Participants

We have so many fun and exciting activities for adolescents and teens at Camp Pocono Trails! Special Events at Camp Pocono Trails include: Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza and Show, Camp Dances, Color War!, Talent Shows, Carnival Day, Game Shows, Camp Drama Production, Bunk Skits, MTV Night, Camp Olympics

Out-of-Camp-Trips include: Broadway Shows, Camel Beach Water Park, White Water Rafting, Paintball, End of Summer Mall Shopping Trip.

Our mission at Camp Pocono Trails is to create fun and memorable trips the campers will look back fondly of. We strive to create a positive environment conducive to long-term change. Buy-in is extremely important for us. We’ve found that campers are more willing to participate when they are having fun and creating positive memories.

You can sign your camper up for one or more out-of-camp trips, but please give us a call first to ensure the trip is planned for the time span in which your child is in attendance. You can reach us at 1-800-365-0556 or complete a contact form.

Our fat camp is near New York and many families come from the big apple each summer. Each camper attends daily classes that give them the skills to make better lifestyle changes. Reading nutritional labels and learning how to prepare healthy meals are some of the skills your camper will come home with. Campers will learn how to serve themselves healthy portions. Some campers are pleasantly surprised to realize that they can eat more of the healthy foods they like at summer camp than they could eat of their unhealthy snacks before coming to camp.

How Much do Fat Camps Cost?

When considering the cost of fat camp, keep in mind the cost of doing nothing, or investing in a fad diet or other half measure that does not work. The costs of “doing nothing” or half measures can be immeasurable. We already know the health effects of being overweight over your lifespan. But many parents don’t consider the financial related costs. For example, people who are overweight are less likely to graduate college, more likely to occupy a lower socio-economic status, and are less likely to get married.

Fat camps such as Camp Pocono Trails cost around 2,000 per week, depending on the camp and length of stay. Fat Camps like Camp Pocono Trails are all-inclusive, meaning that all meals, lodging, and activities are included in the program price.

Parents should consider tuition at camp similar to tuition in a child’s education. At Camp Pocono Trails, we are preparing your child for life success after they reach the age of independence. Parents can rest assured that we will provide the right corrective experiences to ignite a lifetime of health, wellness, and weight control.

Our campers will participate in conversations with new friends about how to change the way they think about themselves. When they look in the mirror they will be encouraged to acknowledge the positive things they see. These growing experiencing are designed to promote healthy self-esteem. Our campers come to lose weight, but they leave with so much more. Will you hear stories about how much weight a camper has lost? Yes, but you will soon realize that the transformation that happened here was so much greater than that. New friends, great memories, and lifestyle changes will help jump-start our campers’ weight loss journey and help them to continue on the right path when they return home.